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Russian Armsport Association (RAA) welcomes Leonard Harkless, Referees’ Payment

Ivan Dobrorezov │ Image Source:
Ivan Dobrorezov │ Image Source:
This is the Russian Armsport Association (RAA)’s official response to Leonard Harkless’ response to Alexander Filimonov: Referee Funds
The original article in Russian language was written by Ivan Dobrorezov, who was appointed as press attache of the Russian Armsport Association (RAA), on 10 March 2014.

Source: │ Google Translate (with corrections and links added by XSportNews)

On the financing conditions of payment of the referee in the WAF

The Russian Armsport Association certainly welcomes and supports the efforts of Leonard Herkless to create equal conditions for career referees in armwrestling. We would like to note that the financial terms of the payment of the referees from different countries and different levels of qualification, published for general guidance for the first time, and we are pleased that our efforts to create transparency in the work of the Directorate of WAF, is producing results! The fact of the publication of the terms of payment of the referee is a huge step forward. However, these conditions were not clear to all, and we asked for clarification to  and . Through their comments to the letter of , overall funding picture became clearer.

There are three categories of referees: Junior, Senior, Master. Junior gets nothing, they are not referees at the armwrestling table, they help to remove athletes, check lists of categories, etc.

Then the following: WAF gives referees some money – a certain percentage in accordance with the entry fee collected. This amount is broken down on the referees, depending on rank (Master or Senior), the number of days worked by the referee in the championship (involving in the organization and conduct of Referee Seminar, this day shall be counted as working).

Binding to the money spent on the ticket is very conditional. You can not get more than you spent. But in practice, the cost of the ticket is always greater than the amount received for the work. In other words, the three components to determine the amount: 1. Referee level, 2. The number of days worked, 3. The cost of the ticket.

We hope that  and  will continue to introduce more sports community with the mechanisms of payment of the referees !

But it remains unclear why the answers to our questions were published in a social network, not on the official website of the WAF, and were not sent to the email of Russian Armsport Association (RAA).

Nevertheless, we hope in the near future and get answers to the rest of our questions.

Press attache of RAA
Ivan Dobrorezov

Source: │ Google Translate (with corrections and links added by XSportNews)

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