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Sergey Tokarev: Plans and Predictions for the 2013 year

Sergey Tokarev
Sergey Tokarev – 1st place – Right Men’s 110 – XXXIII World Armwrestling Championships
November 28 to December 4, 2011 – Almaty, Kazakhstan
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” On the eve of the Ukrainian Championship armsportu 2013 we decided to ask some questions to one of the best armsportsmenov Ukraine, honored coach of Ukraine, who are winners of world championships and Europe, the world champion in 2011, Sergey Tokarev.

Sergey, are you going to take part in the Ukrainian championship and what weight class?
Sergei: Yes, of course. National Championship for me – one of the main starts of the year, as there are played ticket to European and World Championships in the Ukrainian team. Now I weigh 108 kg, so the fight will be in his weight class – 110 kg, on the left and right hands. Moreover, in the category of 110, you’ll see an athlete named Tokarev, once this is my brother Andrew.

Who is considered the main his rival in the championship of Ukraine?
Sergei: Yes, this is Alex Semerenko if he went to fight in the category of up to 110 kg., Last year, he spoke again. A1 in the tournament, I won Alexey and it would be interesting to meet again.

What are the major competitions are you going to participate in this year?
Sergey: I had planned to consistently perform at the European Championship tournament A1 Russian Open, World Championship and World Cup professionals Nemiroff World Cup. And hopefully waiting for invitations to armfayty. It is unfortunate that armshou in Australia, where John Brzenk is everyone’s fight will take place in the same numbers as the championship of Ukraine. And then I’d go and “can fight” John (laughs).

By the way, the question about John: What do you think, in armfayte to be held on March 31 between him and Kostadinov, who will win?
Sergey: I think John. Win a brush load Kostadinov, will push the top of the hand where the fingers are attached and sooner or later Krasimir “float.”

We remember your recent speech at the event “Lotoshino.”Your impression that you liked?
Sergey: Like my fight with Ivan Matyushenko, a great fight, which I won. I am glad to have won absolyutku on his right hand. And of course, like the prize.

You also continue to train the younger generation armsportsmenov?
Sergei: Yes, and besides, now I am the vice-president of the federation armsportu Luhansk region, led by the most recently became my coach Alexander Demchuk. So that social work was added. In the near future the Federation – for the fall tournament in honor of the famous Alexander Lugansk armsportsmena Tinsel. The venue chosen Melovoe district center – home of Alexander, it is almost on the border with Russia, so we hope that the Russian athletes will take part in our competitions.

Sergei, “Iron World” wishes you a successful performance at the planned start! ”

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