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Super Matches at 2014 MIKE GOULD CLASSIC

Mike Gould Classic - logo
Mike Gould Classic – logo│Image Source: “VENGEANCE” David Rivera

Mikel Gould ► 2014 MIKE GOULD CLASSIC:

Canadas own John Milne from Ottawa High Hookers vs USA’s Robert Baxter from team Brzenk.

Ottawa High Hooker Jeff Slatter vs Finland’s Anssi Ainali.

Both these matches will be a best of 5 and will take place Saturday Morning!!

Will be awesome! 

Mikel Gould ► 2014 MIKE GOULD CLASSIC:

Bull vs Silver back!! Christian Gilbert Vs Conrad Rousselle !!
This is for the Arm Melter Nitro Championship!
Best of 5 rt hand. Will be a great match up.
This is the 3rd and final super Match of the MGC

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, CAN vs. , USA

, CAN vs. , FIN

, CAN vs. , CAN

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