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Dream girl

” Back in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo took the world championship in arm wrestling, which won a silver member of Novosibirsk beauty contest. This spring, a student of economic faculty of 21-year-old Tatiana Nikisheva was the first runner-up of the Novosibirsk Agricultural University. Sibnet.ru correspondent met with the girl dreams, struggled with her hands and found out some of the details of life-beauty champion.

In Brazil, Tatiana unforeseen happened. She participated in the World Championships in the weight category up to 60 kilograms. “Country of wild monkeys” athlete met with hostility. During checkweighing scales Brazilian showed that Tatiana weighs 60 pounds and … 50 grams. These same program automatically deprived her not only a chance to win, but also participate in the championship, which she prepared for a year. That’s when a beautiful girl’s head came unexpected idea. She took the scissors and asked her friend to cut her hair. 25 centimeters girlish beauty were 50 grams heavier than the ill-fated, and Tanya became a member of his second World Championship.

Tatyana Nikisheva - Dream Girl
Tatyana Nikisheva – Dream Girl │ Photo by Dmitry Szewczyk, Sibnet.ru

Armwrestling actually strange sport. For the uninitiated – is a board fight with one hand, in which they try to beat each other, putting the opponent’s arm on a table. Despite the fact that arm wrestling is considered one of the most democratic forms of martial arts, in Siberia, it is not very popular . Especially among girls. But if rivals for Tatiana is necessary to look for, then abroad armsportu do even children. Competition is just awesome.

– I have lived all my childhood in a small town Cherepanovo and often cold, – says Tatiana Nikisheva. – At school we were almost the only section in which the boys were engaged in kettlebell lifting. I was fourteen years old when the older sister dragged me there. The coach looked at us and asked to engage in arm wrestling. Before that I did not even know what it is. And then in the popular in the Novosibirsk region “Rural Games” added the sport. My sister and I agree – it’s better than weight to drag! For about a year I worked in the gym and developed the hands, and then became involved in the competition.

First, Tanya and her sister Kate won the district championship, then the city, then the regional – and off we go. In six years, hobbies armsportu sister visited different parts of the world, winning numerous turns regalia. Last year, Kate has become the world champion of silver, and in this fight with famous athletes of the world entrusted to Tanya.

– For successful performance in armwrestling necessary arm strength, good reaction, technique and endurance, – says Tatiana Nikisheva. – One can not take the power here, there are various techniques and tactics of the fight on his hands. Has its secrets. mainly a fight between girls only lasts a few seconds, more time is spent on preparation. Judges look closely to poedinschikov hands were placed correctly and that they should not have tried to take the most advantageous position for themselves. Wrists should be straight, shoulders parallel to the edge of the table and did not cross the line of control. Setting the capture – often the longest and the most important part of a professional bout. Very interesting is watching how powerful athlete loses the girl with his hand twice smaller, but with a strong forearm, long fingers, which also uses the whole body, not just the hand.Still, the advantage in weight – an important trump card.

Tatyana Nikisheva - armwrestling
Tatyana Nikisheva – armwrestling │source: Sibnet.ru

Tatiana is now in the fifth year after graduation will receive a certificate accountant, but, as she admits, is unlikely to work on this profile. What exactly will be engaged, have not decided yet. She graduated from courses in fitness and in principle can become an instructor. Probably any sports club will be happy to credit such a beautiful and famous athlete in the state. But Tanya while in thought.

– Administration of the four courses of the university invited me to participate in a beauty contest – said Tatiana Nikisheva. – I agreed this year alone. Month we have been taught to move on stage, dancing and the like. In November, I must participate in the “Queen of the university,” but I will not give up. The fact is that at the same time held in Warsaw Cup Arm Wrestling professionals. This is closer to me than catwalk in evening gowns and out in bathing suits.

-Tanya, can we try? – Pulled me hell for language. We tried three times. Tatiana eagerly put his right manicure on the table. Hands are not only the fact that they left and right, but also the power. girl long conjured with our wrists, and I enjoyed the touch of beauty and the champion.

It took five minutes for athletes to putting my hairy paw as required by strict rules of arm wrestling. No whistle or command followed. We looked at each other a girl in the eye, and the fight began. The fight was short, like the tail of a Doberman. I have not even had time to collect his thoughts, and bend the hand. Although this is the standard excuse loser. That’s right-hand man Tania won a silver medal world championship. I offered to fight on the left and was ready for her maiden lightning reactions. In the second match won my weight. Tanya left arm, through which she took another and third in Brazil, and touched the table. Third round – and again on the right.Alas, again my loss. Strange, but resentment of defeat I did not have.

Photo by Dmitry Szewczyk, Sibnet.ru and from the personal archive of  Tatiana Nikishevoy ”

Original article  – Девушка мечты │Google Translate – Dream Girl


Tatyana Nikisheva
Tatyana Nikisheva │ photo source: Tatyana Nikisheva
Sarah Bäckman - Tatyana Nikisheva
Sarah Bäckman – Tatyana Nikisheva │ photo source: Tatyana Nikisheva
Tatyana Nikisheva - by the sea
Tatyana Nikisheva – by the sea │ photo source: Tatyana Nikisheva
Tatyana Nikisheva - silver medal - 34th World Armwrestling Championships 2012 – São Vicente, São Paulo, Brazil
Tatyana Nikisheva – silver medal – 34th World Armwrestling Championships 2012 – São Vicente, São Paulo, Brazil │ photo source: Tatyana Nikisheva
Tatyana Nikisheva - white dress
Tatyana Nikisheva – white dress │ photo source: Tatyana Nikisheva
Tatyana Nikisheva - Euroarm 2012
Tatyana Nikisheva – Euroarm 2012 │ photo source: Tatyana Nikisheva
Tatyana Nikisheva - drawing
Tatyana Nikisheva – drawing │ photo source: Tatyana Nikisheva

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