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The Fight Against Doping │ by Russian Armsport Association (RAA)

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On the fight against doping in PAA

December 27 will be a meeting of the Presidium of PAA, which will be on the agenda the question of the impact of measures to athletes, coaches and federations, convicted of using banned drugs.

Given the disastrous results of the doping control Russian athletes in 2013 European and world championships, as well as the threat of disqualification of the Russian national team from international competition and deprivation PAA accreditation Russian Ministry of Sports – include disciplinary action and the financial impact of the violators in 2014:

1. PAA petition to the Ministry of Sports of Russia deprivation sports (honorary) title of the athlete (coach), convicted of doping;

2. Initiation of an investigation by Federal Drug Control Service (under the agreement PAA and Russian Federal Drug Control Service of Cooperation) proceedings under Article 234 of the Criminal Code (punishable by up to eight years of imprisonment) in the Athlete (coach), convicted of doping;

3. Imposition on athlete convicted of doping, in the amount of 25,000 rubles (this amount does not include fines from international organizations – EAF and WAF);

4. Imposition of the regional federation, which athlete was caught doping, the penalties in the amount of – 50 points for each offender. These points will count towards the championship team results (championship) Russia in the current year;

5. Communicate the results of doping control management of regional sports committees, schools and employers athletes (coaches), found guilty of doping;

These options sanctions – not final! They may be amended or supplemented!
The Presidium will also consider whether inclusion in the agenda of the Congress in 2014 WAF offers from PAA to increase the term of disqualification for doping with two to four years!
Invite all interested persons, including a discussion of the problem!

Their suggestions you can send here

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