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The future of armwrestling ?

Mac Stop Sign Telle Vs. Tim Lewis - UAL 2011 - Harrahs Lake Tahoe King Of The Hill Showdown
Mac Stop Sign Telle Vs. Tim Lewis – UAL – Harrahs Lake Tahoe King Of The Hill Showdown – May 1, 2011Source:

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{ I post here just some comments, mostly what Engin Terzi (who used Emir Terzi facebook profile), John Brzenk and Devon Larratt said. I attached many hyperlinks, if you click on a name you will be sent to the exact location of the comment in Armwrestling John – Engin, not to the facebook user profile. One of the reasons I do this, is because after just few days is very hard to find a discussion on facebook, and the search function doesn’t help. }

This is not about a person.. this is about a general discussion.. do you find this way of pulling fair ?
Emir Terzi i heard best exercise for this technique is static hold at 180 degree arm angle..
Emir Terzi solution is shoulder below table, stop the match and foul the puller..
Emir Terzi i personally would quit armwrestling instead of pulling & winning that way..

Emir Terzi ITEM 4

2) Competitors cannot drop the competing shoulder below the level of the elbow pad when in a neutral or losing position. This will be considered a dangerous position.
The neutral position defined as the starting position down to 2/3 of the way to the losing side of the table.
The humerus bone of the competing arm will not be inclined down and therefore elevating the elbow and dropping the shoulder below the elbow pad.

John R Brzenk No matter if it is or isn’t part of the organizers published rules it doesn’t conform to what history knows as Armwrestling. WAF addressed it .. Great ! But others have embarrassed it because it makes for some very Long and very exciting matches. At this point in my life I’m not going to change my style . But yes I can see Engins concern that the future of this sport may turn into something that Does not resemble armwrestling as we have known it! If it was up to me to address . I would say stop the match. Give a foul … Happens again .. Lose. Maybe armwrestling should be restricted to floors only … Then we wouldn’t have this worry 🙂

John R Brzenk Why do you think ” It’s awesome ” it doesn’t resemble anything like the game I grew up loving as a kid.

John R Brzenk My memory of discussions about George have been … I didn’t believe he had a bone lock . His twist with a straight arm is similar to Todd’s but not as extreme …

Devon Larratt I think its awesome cause it is another thing in armwrestling. the more moves the better the sport is in my opinion. George’s and Mike’s moves have subtle differences, both are great, both have sucsess, but they are beatable with the right technique. the sport hopefully will keep adapting. its already not the sport i grew up with or started with, but.. i think its getting better.

John R Brzenk Kids won’t be able to wrestle across cafeteria tables seated without complaining they are being restricted by not being allowed to drop below the table 🙂 I can hear it now …. But wait whenl I become a pro … Then look out because the game is completely different then 🙂

Devon Larratt i don’t think there are many kids out there that can pull this move off..

Devon Larratt the only guys i have seen do it right have been pulling a loooong time..

John R Brzenk Lets progress to allowing the use of the other hand … That would throw another aspect to it … You can use your other hand to save yourself for one second during the match … Or maybe let’s allow kicking under the table … That would be fun … Lots more exciting … What is best for healthy training ? You are seeing more and more of it Devon .. That is the concern. is the sport going to evolve into a straight arm tug of war based on shoulder strength …

John R Brzenk You … I and many top pros are examples for Kids … It won’t take them long to follow …

Phil Rasmussen Devon I think it’s hard enough trying to explain the rules of modern armwrestling to the general spectator without becoming the object of ridicule with moves like this:

Tyrone McYardie Devon if MT would have beaten you with this technique would you still think its awesome then?

Devon Larratt i really don’t think that will happen, cause i honestly deep down think this move is that good. that is the thing for me. people act like this is some awesome move… it is a terrible move!!! who would i rather face, a guy who can do this kind of a move or a guy who has a better wrist? thats an easy answer. anybody who really knows armwrestling knows that it is about balance. let this move in armwrestling and it makes the sport better. its the same as saying you can’t flop or toproll… where do you draw the line? AND …. i love to watch x arm, and i think it is awesome too lol

Devon Larratt phil – i also thought that match was fine. a little unusual, but whatever. i liked it. call me crazy..
Devon Larratt alot of rules need to open up if you want expansion and development.. we also need to work con the elbow foul.. you should be allowed to push. some won’t like it, but… the future will tell who is right.. cause it will be cool and people will watch and want to play
John R Brzenk I don’t think it’s a healthy progression. I would hate to come back 50 years from now and watch what evolves from this ..
Devon Larratt people act like its the ace of spades… it so isn’t.
Thiago Monteiro Cardieri i really dont think its beautifull to see………….. some people like Pascal Girard are able to do something like that…. but not ugly like some people use to do……
Devon Larratt why do you think its ugly? I think it is awesome!!! I think the flop is awesome, I think the hook, press, whatever…. they are all awesome. why do we have to make armwrestling more like powerlifting?
Devon Larratt its like telling an mma fighter he can’t thai kick anymore.. or a pool player that he can’t spin the ball anymore.. why do we want to restrict our sport?
Devon Larratt eventually i am gonna promote.. this may end up happening a whole lot sooner than i thought.. when that happens i am gonna do a new set of rules that everyone will think is sooooo ridiculous lol.
Thiago Monteiro CardieriDevon Larratt i really are your fan, and i do respect all the things you have to say in aw, but even denis run to this move vs arsen liliev…. its like a way to run from the loss, if mike tood dont ude this move your score would be like 6 -0 easy
Devon Larratt that is cool… the same way a guy runs into a hook when he can’t match hands.. its all good.
Devon Larratt And in my opinion.. Denis out armwrestled alot of guys at A1.. didn’t just beat them with strength.
Devon Larratt i am not gonna put them up here right now, but things i am gonna look at changing – the table – the pin – the start – the rules… lol so yeah.. there you have it haha
John R Brzenk Well Devon, it’s more like telling an MMA fighter that he can’t bite or eye gauge… Or use the point of his elbow to struck .. Or bring a gun or knife into the ring 🙂  rules have to be in place for healthy training … Not the win at all cost approach 🙂
Devon Larratt I agree with so many on this.. this is not the gun… this is not the knife. there are things that are way way more cheaty than this that make it war and not sport. But that is the dirtiest topic in sport. dropping your shoulder is nothing… nothing more than bending your wrist. nothing more than pulling up. just another move. it is not. outside the commonly understood (or not so commonly) rules of sportsmanship.
Devon Larratt anyways… i have one last thing to do, then i am trainning tonight. John good luck with Krasimir Kostadinov he’s a beast… talk to you all soon.
John R Brzenk Thanks Devin … Always good disagreeing with you 🙂 take care and heal up !
John R Brzenk Devon … Fat fingers again
Calvin Trung Pham Now if this technic won’t go away (it won’t), then let’s talk what is the best way to defeat it. Personally I wish I meet someone who use this so I can learn how to defend it even I am just an amteur. I heard many suggestions before already, but let’s hear again
Emir Terzi your shoulder has to be somewhere that your hand could have a possibility to be brought to pin dont have to hurt someone to win…
Emir Terzi anyone who is allowing and supporting this move ,is responsible for this mess.and IMO doing a big harm to our sport..
Emir Terzi also i find people, who likes this move when their favorite puller does but dislikes when Mac Telle & Tim Lewis do, dishonest..

John R Brzenk With enough time Calvin the Best way to defeat it is to do the same move .. Of course this might make matches that last a few days … 😉 but hey it’s all good 🙂

if we are gonna have evolution on our sport then no need to progress slowly and lose unnecessary time..NO LIMITS..
Devon Larratt haha i love x arm

I think we should create a list of things we want banned in armwrestling and get to the root of our sport…

Devon Larratt bending wrist

Devon Larratt moving body

Devon Larratt re grips

Devon Larratt use of chalk

Devon Larratt early go is no longer warning, but 6 month suspension

Devon Larratt any technique with bicep

Devon Larratt a slip will result in a trial that leaves one man nutless

Devon Larratt if refferee misses these calls 2 year ban from message board discussions..

Devon Larratt yeah steroids and why not go further.. that man was eating better food than me..

Devon Larratt lol gotta go to work guys x

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