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VIDEO: Alexey Voevoda on Men’s Health Russia, September 2014

Alexey Voevoda - Men's Health Russia │ Image Source:
Alexey Voevoda – Men’s Health Russia │ Image Source:
Yes, you guessed it… This is another Google Translated article from which you will not understand a thing… But hey at least you can watch a video this time. If you can make a better translation, please let us know. 🙂
In the next video you can see how Alexey Voevoda recovered from a back injury using ancient Slavic gymnastics (for more info about this, look at the last part of the Google Translated article):

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Source: MensHealthRussia

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As you can see, Voevoda’s name meaning in Russian language is governor, so Google Translate couldn’t figure out that this time is actually a name and translated Voevoda to governor many times:

 (I didn’t change anything, because is not my translation)

Source: │ Google Translate:

In the September issue of Men’s Health (on sale from August 19) you will find five stories about the exploits of a man on the cover – bobsleigh Alexei governor, our Olympic champion. Have appendage five stories from the life of Alexis, which will help you to better understand what kind of man he.

Author: Anton Ivanov

As governor sought justice

Even on a large force there is another force, especially when the yard dashing 90. Alex had to play and in fights, such as the one where he has been 15 bullies. “They beat me and kicked, but I’m strong, so that the bruising was not special. In Sochi, at the time, as elsewhere in the country, enough people who wanted to be like the coolest kids. I am not of those who go to the gym – there is just all the guys were normal. I am of those who like a bird all day sitting here and there with a cigarette and a bottle of vodka. “ All of these “out of the area you are?” and “Come here!” hard bored Alexei, he decided to put in his hometown and after the procedure School went to enter the Rostov police academy.

“It’s not even funny, but I was overwhelmed by physical education. I say: “Comrade Majori, I’m the best ever made, you will cover me at least for dictation or something.” And he says: “You know, the guy you’re good, but … sometimes the question is decided by money.” After these words, I have not wanted to come to this university. I went to physical culture institute, where he received his higher education and even almost finished graduate school. “Almost” because my supervisor suddenly accused of economic crimes and began to pull the chain of command, and he did not resist and soon died. It’s a pity he was a good man. It is a pity that never saw the light of his thesis, “Prospects for the development of infrastructure Resorts of the North Caucasus as an example the construction of the bobsleigh track in Sochi.”

As governor guard worked

Epic heroes usually went to Kiev where he arranged for the prince in the squad, Alex is 17 years old began working in conservation. “I worked there for a long time and quickly became assistant chief of staff selection. I usually recruited boys from the same sports fans like me. The fact that these people have developed a habit to build a clear system to achieve the goals and the steps to go to her. Roughly speaking, if you want to lift 200 kg, you formulate this goal and makes the training plan, putting into it and the possible force majeure. Such thinking helps then in different spheres of life to achieve success. That’s my former colleagues on the protection now quite successful people. I myself have worked and personal bodyguard, and the collector. I learned to see where there may be a danger, and to do so that she did not had a chance to appear in my life. “

As governor of the disease healed

If Alexei childhood and was the idol and favorite character – that is his grandfather-athlete in the village in which he spent every summer. Grandfather was a hero, and in fact: the war in intelligence to rescue fellow soldiers, called the fire itself, but not killed, ran so fast that it caught up with him only one bullet – breaking cartridge shattered his knee, but even on one leg he kakim- incredible way uprygal two pursuing his fascists.

“After the injury grandfather was not the knee, the leg he always hurt. But he was a man of courage and mind did not serve. However, I have learned to understand when it became just too painful. Usually he was always in a good mood, but if it is spoiled, I knew a sore leg. And then I noticed that when I put my grandfather crossed hands, the pain he goes through. Later I have learned from my grandmother heartburn shoot. I remember, I was then very interested in these abilities, just more time, it was a – the beginning of the 90’s, on TV – Kashpirovskiy on videotape – “Warlock” … I got a lot of books on these topics to read. “

As governor of the mind-the mind has gathered

The fact that Alex likes to read, you already know it’s time to find out what he likes to read.

* “The origins of heroism. Secrets of athleticism, “Lavrov, Y. Shaposhnikov. – “A book that gives a correct understanding.”

* “Theory adequate (species) food,” AM Coal. – “The author – a wonderful gastroenterologist, who opened the membrane digestion and explained why people – frugivorous.”

* “The ancient history of Russia until 1054.”, MV Lomonosov. – “The brilliant Russian scientist has collected in this book all that he seemed helpful, from the history of doryurikovskih times.”

As governor back treated

“In the two years before the Olympics, I am so ripped off his back that barely went, but he was able to fully recover in three weeks with the help of the health – ancient Slavic gymnastics. I advise everyone, for example, such an exercise.

1) You lay down on your stomach (your feet together, hands together, too, and stretched forward over the head).

2) is lifted from the floor hands and feet, the maximum pulling them.

3) Start slowly (this is important) to rotate to the right or to the left, holding the most elongated limbs and tending upwards (that is, you find yourself on the side, and his arms and legs still look up, roll over on his back – the same thing, then on the other side – arms and legs still look up for a second and not touching the ground).

This exercise you activate mikromyshechny machine that makes the spine from hernias and diseases pulls flattened disks. After that feel back quite differently. “

Alexei himself will show you the technique of this exercise.

Source: │ Google Translate

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