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VIDEOS: David Pliev vs. Arsen Liliev – Armwrestling Sparring, September 2014

They both are from North Ossetia – Alania. All armwrestlers know  and that he was on the EuroArm 2013 – DOPING CONTROL RESULTS, therefore he received a 2 years suspension, see DOPING SANCTIONS FOR POSITIVE CASES │ EUROARM 2013.
But  is not a very popular armwrestler like Arsen Liliev and very few armwrestlers know that he was also caught with doping at the russian nationals, see Doping Results after the Russian Armwrestling Championship 2014 │ UPDATED.
Below this first video you can watch another video with David Pliev losing to Evgeny Fatyanov during the .
The strange thing is that David was tested at the Russian Nationals 2014 although he took (before the tests) only 11th place overall in the SENIOR MEN 85 KG (9th place left hand, 8th place right hand), see RESULTS: Russian Armwrestling Championship 2014.
This could mean that David Pliev was target tested, which is allowed according to the WAF ANTI-DOPING RULES:

” 5.4 Selection of Athletes to be Tested

At International Events, the WAF Anti-Doping Committee shall determine the number of finishing placement tests, random tests and target tests to be performed. ”


” Target Testing. Selection of Athletes for Testing where specific Athletes or groups of Athletes are selected on a non-random basis for Testing at a specified time. ”


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Спаринг тренировка Арсена Лилиева с Дэвидом Плиевым 04.09.2014
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Source: Борик Скодтаев

Дэвид ПЛИЕВ vs Евгений ФАТЬЯНОВ (ЧР 2014, кат 85 кг)
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David Pliev vs. Arsen Liliev, Armwrestling Sparring │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
David Pliev vs. Arsen Liliev, Armwrestling Sparring │ Capture by XSportNews from the video

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