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VIDEO: Devon Larratt and Todd Hutchings offer their WAL Hammers as prizes

Devon Larratt, Todd Hutchings WAL Hammers │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from here 1 and here 2
Devon Larratt, Todd Hutchings WAL Hammers │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from here 1 and here 2

The video made by Devon Larratt is posted at the end, scroll down.

UPDATE: I added the WAL Heavyweight Hammer engraved by Devon Larratt and what he wrote:

Devon Larratt – facebook: ” Heavyweight Hammer –
There has long been debate about who is the greatest in their class. This answer has been different, depending on your beliefs about the sport, also the opportunities and vision provided by your regions. Internationally -these last few years, perhaps there has been a more of a divide than ever. In the countries WAL reached in the last 3-4 years, it has been widely believed that this league held the best of the best from the nations from which it was fed. Money, TV, and annual expansion were some of the factors that made those involved believe that we were on a path, which with time and continued growth would provide enough benefit and motivation to unify the globe so that the true best of best would be featured. The dream of world wide unification in our sport was visible through the fog. Is the WAL dream finished? maybe, maybe not… It is my honor to have my name listed next to these great champions. When hammers change hands, a new name is added with the event/date that the transfer took place. It is my hope, that these symbols will help to continue the most essential part of our dream – to be recognized as the very best in your field. May these hammers find their rightful owners regardless of nationality or league. “

WAL Heavyweight Hammer: Marcio Barboza 2014, John Brzenk 2015, Devon Larratt 2016 │ Photo Source: Devon Larratt [edited by XSportNews]
WAL Heavyweight Hammer: Marcio Barboza 2014, John Brzenk 2015, Devon Larratt 2016 │ Photo Source: Devon Larratt [edited by XSportNews]
Allison Renoos Hutchings – facebook: ” Devon Larratt proposed the winners of each weight class 2016 offer their hammer up for the winner of those who have trained all year to earn the 2017 hammer. Fantastic idea. Todd’s in.
(I’m not telling Todd you cried Devon <3) ”

Allison Renoos Hutchings – facebook: ” For those of you who don’t follow World Arm Wrestling League (Those of you who do, have heard enough comments I know!) :
For 1 year, in addition to his 50+ hr work week, Todd has had a 2nd job. It gets him up at 4 am every day, he returns to it every evening after his day job and every single weekend. He travels for it out of pocket around the country for mandatory meetings and to train. It’s labor intensive and grueling and injuries are common. (Once upon a time, a Monster ripped his bicep clean off and most thought he was mortal and wouldn’t recover!) His family life and schedule revolve around it -no time off. He doesn’t just have to show up to the job to get paid-he has to compete for it- against every person in the world who covets that position; **and let me tell you, the competition is vicious**. But no one can argue anyone works harder or is more disciplined at it or had more to lose than Todd. He has to be better than the best in the world at what he does or he doesn’t get the paycheck at the end of each year.
This year payday was June 29th in Vegas at the World Armwrestling League Championships. He was to earn $25,000 live on ESPN if he proved he earned it. On June 14th he learned the sponsorship fell through and there will be no $25k, no mega-venue, no live ESPN, no hammers. He’s uttered not a single complaint. Blamed no one. He’s tried to make those who’ve worked so hard alongside him laugh with him in the face of it. Refuses to allow self-pity. (Ok, there *was* a night of binge-eating M&Ms and guzzling expensive whiskey and staying up most of the night with me watching movies, after a year of strict health and weight requirements.)
Thanks to truly dedicated people behind the scenes, there will still be a chance to compete for the position and *because of the level of competition*, this is an honor in itself. He’s still going to compete that day. We’ll still get to see our armwrestling family.
He got up early again today to train just as hard as if the paycheck was $25k–because if you’re going to do something, you do your best no matter; you don’t half-ass it.
(You don’t need to tell him I posted this because there’s “feelings” and you know what he thinks about those..😐.)
Bonus: For those who haven’t seen Todd in action, here’s a great video. ”

Neil Pickup – facebook: ” I’d received a lot of PM’s, texts & e mails the last few days asking me about the situation with the WAL Finals cancellation & what is now happening in Vegas. Just to clarify my position on the subject, after having had it formally confirmed by WAL last night, that they do not require my input or assistance in Vegas as there is no role for me to fulfil there at this Event, I have decided that I will minimise my losses & will be staying home with my Family. My Flights & Hotels were booked & paid for on a non-refundable basis but to travel to Vegas & leave my Wife & Sons, again, for no real reason doesn’t sit well with me. I have not been & am not in any way involved in the organisation of the planned WAL Event in Vegas therefore so as such, I will unfortunately not be able to answer anyone’s further questions on this subject. My understanding is however that very experienced, good people like Bart Wood, Frank Bean, Karen Mainard Bean & Travis Bagent will be responsible for organising the Event & I’d like to take this opportunity to wish them & everyone involved in the WAL Event the very best of luck. The whole situation with the WAL Vegas Finals has been extremely unfortunate for everyone involved & I am absolutely sure that it is a situation that nobody wanted to be in at this time. Thank you to Steve Kaplan & the entire WAL Team for the opportunities & for allowing me to be involved in the WAL Events to date. Thank you also to the wider Armwrestling community for accepting me in the Role which I’ve been afforded in WAL Events to date. I tried my best to do a good job & I really hope that my efforts contributed positively to the past Events & Shows.
Finally to my friends who will be in Vegas to Pull, make it happen Guys, you are all the foundation of the Sport, I’ll miss being with you in Vegas & I look forward to hopefully seeing you all again down the Tracks. ”

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Source: Devon Larratt