VIDEO: The King of American Armwrestling, Part 1

Another great video from IronRating with English subtitles for the Russian parts, and Russian subtitles for the English parts.  together with  traveled to meet great american armwrestlers.

From 4:45 – starts the part about .

From 12:20 – they talk with Vazgen Soghoyan about , PAL and WAL.

From 18:27 – starts the part about .

From 26:43 – starts the part about with saying: I like him (Todd Hutchings)… And John Brzenk is my favorite. 🙂

From 28:42 reveals the secret of his phenomenal strength… Which is not actually a secret because John told the same thing many times before 🙂 .

From 37:50 – starts the part about .

Я новый король арма! #American Armwrestling, Part 1 [Google Translate: I am the new king of Armagh! #American Armwrestling, Part 1]

Source: ironrating

Todd Hutchings, American Armwrestling, Part 1 │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
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