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VIDEO: King’s move tribute, Training methods, PHOTOS

You were worried, you didn’t know how to properly train for the KING’s move ! Well, fear no more ! Now there is hope for you.  

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

Source: inthehook

This new wave of popularity for the KING’s move was reborn after the demo made by Devon Larratt at ARM MELTER 19 │09 November 2013, PHOTOS   


Neil Pickup, also having a big heart, shared with us some secrets of training for this amazing “technique”:  

Neil Pickup:  " The Nogz have just shown up & we've kicked things off in "The FreaKShoP"..........F*CKIN BOOM !!! "
Neil Pickup: ” The Nogz have just shown up & we’ve kicked things off in “The FreaKShoP”……….F*CKIN BOOM !!! “
Neil Pickup: ” WORKIN MY HITS…….whilst Stonsey smashes out some motionless locks !!! “
Neil Pickup: ” After a HARD night of motionless HANGS in the “FreaKShop” we really look forward to a nice relaxing ‘Cup a Tea’………..OBVIOUSLY WHILST LOCKED FULLY THE F*CK OUT !!! “

Click to see ► , FUNNY

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