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Published on 10 Sep 2013

The future of arm wrestling training is bio-mechanically correct, joint-friendly equipment.

In the sport of arm wrestling, all of the muscles in your wrists, arms, shoulders, back, abs, hips and legs must be properly trained to work together in harmony — to function as one super-muscle — in order to create a tremendous burst of strength that will overwhelm your opponent. To be successful, you must learn the proper technique and form for arm wrestling, and you must exercise those techniques in a specific manner that will emulate actual arm wrestling competition in order to force all of your muscles to work together in harmony. When done properly, these exercises will create a unified whole body “muscle memory” that will be available on demand with power and focus.

Muscle memory is not dependent on how many “reps”, “sets” or “intervals” you can perform at the gym, but on the performance of correct technique until muscle failure, which creates optimum “muscle memory”. Muscle memory and your performance results depend on the specific movements you do during your workouts and what SIGNALS those movements are sending to the muscles in your body.

If you continue to perform improper technique and form during practice and competition, you will create a counteractive “muscle memory” and develop bad habits that will produce negative results and ultimately cause severe damage to your joints, tendons and muscles.

Stroud’s Grips works for arm wrestlers in the same manner that ring training does for an Olympic gymnast. When used with a cable / pulley system each grip facilitates a bio-mechanically correct, joint-friendly rotation, in conjuction with natural body movements that force major muscle groups to work together in harmony for optimum performance. Stroud’s Grips can simulate all of the exact variables that occur during an arm wrestling competition. A fixed-arm mechanical machine cannot simulate actual experience, not match the advanced features of the Stroud’s Grips.

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