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VIDEO: Scot Mendelson about Ryan Espey, Denis Cyplenkov Vendetta

I wrote down the transcript for this video interview made by This way some Russian armwrestlers will be able to use Google Translate, to understand some of it. 🙂

: I got in a car accident in 2015 and my
seat belt was on my left arm when I got hit by
a truck at a red light and ripped
everything on my shoulder and
unfortunately that was the end of my powerlifting carrer
so I had a big fan of  mine Raymond Cote,
and we came down we met and we started
talking, he told me about arm wrestling
and I was very interested

I’m very goal oriented and I needed
something to fill the gap and I got a
great right arm so we started doing that
and I met Vazgen Soghoyan, and he just

changed my life, I got some great
training and a great team a great
facility and this is my new sport, I turned
my life over arm wrestling. I’ve been
armwrestling about 9 (nine) months now

I want to compete against the best, but
I’m not at the best, I need to start at
a level that I’m at and nee to move
forward gradually and become the sport
as we know as you know: any sport to be a
professional you really have to master
your technique and i have I’ve about 25%
of your technique down in armwrestling so I
have a lot to learn

I have a good gift which is called
strength and so far I’ve been able to use that
but I know that got going to be short
lived so right now it’s all about hard
work with my coach Vazgen and my team
and it’s time to get busy

Question: Do you know who is and
would you like to accept a challenge from him ?
Answer: We’ll talk about it I know Ryan’s a great
armwrestler from Canada he contacted me
very respectful and let’s see what happens

Question: You were watching Vendetta last year,
what are your impressions, opinions about that event ?

Answer: I believe Vendetta is classy venue, I was fortunate enough last year when I first got into armwrestling to attend it and I watched it, I handed out some awards.

A very stand-up organization and it looks as if they’re trying to bring armwrestling into the main stage.

Question: Would you like to compete in Vendetta, and
would you like to be a world champion in professionals ?

Answer: My entire life goal in my life was to become a world champion. Now my goal in life is to become a world champion in 2 sports. Armwrestling is that next sport. Scot Mendelson is now armwrestling.

Question: About the videos from internet with challenged you and you accepted it. This is just a conversation or would you like to make a Vendetta ?

Answer: Denis Cyplenkov did challenge me, I did accept but time will tell when and where that’s supposed to happen. My people have to develop, you know, a game plan and his people do as well. I know the whole world
wants to see that and when the time is right and we’re both ready that time will come.

Source: ArmBets.TV

Scot Mendelson about Ryan Espey, Denis Cyplenkov Vendetta │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
Scot Mendelson about Ryan Espey, Denis Cyplenkov Vendetta │ Capture by XSportNews from the video