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VIDEO: Vitaly Laletin, Denis Cyplenkov, David Dadikyan armwrestling training

Source: Vitaly Laletin


Солопов Роман
“It seems to me that Denis is stronger than we have seen lately, is not fully revealed. May God grant him health again to peak.”

Максим Русский
17 hours ago”If anyone can adequately compete with Levan in the foreseeable future, it is Denis. But whether he needs it and whether his health will allow – are already other, difficult questions. Genetically he was created for the arm, besides, he is very experienced and technically versatile, and therefore even now, being far from in shape, he fights very competently, it is nice to look at the corners Success Denis, he is a good person and a great athlete”

Алмаз Гиззатуллин
“Positive news) you can see how Denis looks at David with fatherly love)) worries about him)”

Виталий Бегов
“It’s nice to see that Den is also slowly gaining shape, good to everyone and health, guys, to you.”

Дмитрий Александрович
“Denis looks good, shaved, immediately threw off 10 years of age)”