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[VIDEO]Armwrestling practice WAF.01/Tренировка по армрестлингу/ 手臂摔跤鍛煉 / қол күресі жаттығуы მკლავჭიდში Armdrücken

This is the video from 23 July 2019, we did organized practice in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, along with the World Champions – Hristo Delidjakov, George Tsvetkov, Valentin Gospodinov, Ivan Novoselski, Asparuh Totev, Marin Pantaleev and many more armwrestling athletes. 

The video is made with little funny moments in it. Expect the Subtitles very soon.

This practice is the first from the preparation period for WAF World Arm in Romania this year!

Stay strong and healty !

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