VIDEOS: Anatoly Skodtaev vs. Krasimir Kostadinov │ A1 Russian Open 2014

After watching these videos, I believe many armwrestlers will understand why  is currently on 4th place in the 100KG MEN’S RIGHT ARM – WORLD ARMWRESTLING RANKINGS │ by Engin Terzi.
Anatoly Skodtaev is another great armwrestler from Ossetia. Anatoly was born in 1959 (he is 55 years old) and among many armwrestling accomplishments, he is also Five time World Champion (1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2003) –
In the second video from Iron rating, the part about  begins at 8:19, I’ve set the YouTube Player to start at the moment.
I believe  said in the video that for him  is the Russian version of . 🙂

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Anatoliy Skodtaev – Krasimir Kostadinov (A1 RUSSIAN OPEN 2014 open category)
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Source: Борик Скодтаев

В тени Цыпленкова #73 ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ РЕЙТИНГ
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Source: ironrating

Anatoly Skodtaev vs. Krasimir Kostadinov – A1 Russian Open 2014 │ Capture by XSportNews from the video

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