VIDEOS: Gashevski Double Buckle Strap at X-MEN ARMWRESTLING LONDON 2015

Gashevski Double Buckle Strap / Gashevski “Double Fair” Strap will be used at X-MEN ARMWRESTLING LONDON 2015. You can watch how it works in the second video.

Head Referee: Dragos Corcoveanu
Referees: David Shead, Aleksandar Jakovac, Tiberiu Mihalcea, mtc
X-MEN ARMWRESTLING Champions League Referee: David Shead

Refs – Strap Announce

X-MEN Armwrestling – Improving Armwrestling.

Source: Ciprian Valean

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Gashevski Double Buckle Strap, Gashevski Double Fair Strap │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
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