VIDEOS: Kiev Armwrestling Championship 2016

The smaller guy in white shirt is , from 11:32 he has a match against Dmitry Golovinsky – who has a personal RAW bench press record of 302,5 kg / 666 lbs (watch the second video, scroll down).

From 13:20  has a match against  who trained several times with (when he visited Kiev). See ► VIDEO: Denis Cyplenkov – Armwrestling Training in Kiev 2014.

 took 2nd place after in the 85 kg category, last year at the Ukraine Nationals.

Чемпионат Киева по армрестлингу 2016

Source: theory armwrestling

Dmitry Golovinsky (Ukraine) 302,5 kg/666 lbs bench press RAW

Source: Boris Sheiko

Sergey Pankovets vs. Dmitry Golovinsky, Dmitry Ionov, Kiev Armwrestling Championship 2016 │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video
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