VIDEOS: Matt Mask vs. John Brzenk │ RESULTS, UAL 9 – MIKE GOULD CLASSIC 2015

UPDATE: A new video with the round 4 / match 4 was added, won by Matt Mask (scroll down).

You can watch here the first round, 4th round and the final round (scroll down and click the first 3 images):

The first round went to John Brzenk 1-0:

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Source: Ultimate Armwrestling League

The 2nd round went to Matt Mask. 1-1
The 3rd round went to John Brzenk. 2-1
The 4th round went to Matt Mask 2-2:

Source: Elizabeth Mask

The 5th / final round went to John Brzenk 3-2:

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Source: Rick Hopper

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Matt Mask vs. John Brzenk, UAL 9 – MIKE GOULD CLASSIC 2015 │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
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