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World Armwrestling League:

Pullers: Like many of you, we at the WAL got some unexpected news last night about AMC’s decision to no longer produce shows in the reality genre. Unfortunately Game of Arms was part of that corporate repositioning. While we regret the loss of the exposure for the sport, we want to make one thing crystal clear: the WAL is rolling forward full-speed-ahead to keep bringing you the biggest arm-wrestling tournaments in the country. Our goal has been and will continue to be one thing only: to build the largest, most badass arm-wrestling league in the land.

We want to be clear about a couple of things: last night’s news has obvious potential impacts on our recent announcement that the show would shoot at WAL Atlantic City. However, we don’t have many answers yet. The show may still shoot for a while, including at WAL, and the footage may still air on a new network – we simply don’t know yet.

But regardless of what cameras are there, Atlantic City is shaping up to be a massive, exciting tournament to see who can claim the final qualifying spots for the New Orleans WAL Championship. There’s more than $35,000 on the line at the Taj Mahal, and $150,000 more in New Orleans up for grabs for whoever can take it.

As a reminder of the kind of action we generate at these events, below are a couple of videos to get your blood pumping.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Web pages for more updates as we get them, and we’ll see you in Atlantic City.
Train hard. Your opponents certainly will.

Atlantic City Promo 1:

Atlantic City Promo 2:


Atlantic City Promo 1

Atlantic City Promo 2

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Devon Larratt vs. Shawn Lattimer – WAL Chicago – 23 August 2014 │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
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