WAL Atlantic City / Game of Arms UPDATE

Chad Silvers vs. Craig Tullier – WAL Chicago, 23 August 2014 │ Image Source: World Armwrestling League

World Armwrestling League:

” WAL/Game of Arms UPDATE!

PULLERS: This is to confirm that Game of Arms will still shoot at WAL Atlantic City, NJ. As many of you know, AMC decided last week to shut down its reality TV business. The good news is there seems to be a lot of heat behind GOA, and it’s looking good that they’ll end up at an even BIGGER network soon! In the meantime, Undertow Films will produce an episode at the WAL tournament.

This announcement doesn’t have much effect on how the tournament will run, but it will mean the below guidelines about logos and releases DO STILL APPLY.

The WAL is excited to host Game of Arms at our event in support of the sport – it’s a great chance to give arm wrestling some much deserved exposure and promote all of you and the WAL.

Thanks again, and as always keep an eye on this page for updates – and keep training.

Pull hard,

– – – – –

**The Atlantic City event will start at NOON, until approximately 8pm.

Logo and Release Guidelines:
1. Because everyone in the venue could find themselves on camera for Game of Arms, ALL ATTENDEES will need to sign a one-off appearance release for Undertow Films (the show’s producer), to appear on TV. Additionally, everyone will need to sign the standard WAL appearance release. If you CANNOT sign a release to appear on an episode of TV, you will not be allowed into the venue.

2. GOA operates on a strict logo-control policy. ALL logos on apparel, bags, etc. or any signage other than WAL, will need to be covered or moved out of the line of sight of cameras. Please — WEAR LOGO-FREE CLOTHING. We mean plain clothes or a WAL shirt — no UnderArmour logo, no emblem for a cousin’s car dealership, no Nike swoosh — NOTHING should be on your shirt, hat, etc, for shooting purposes. Not even artwork from an Affliction T-shirt or something like it – it’s all copyrighted. ”

Source: World Armwrestling League │ WAL Atlantic City info: walunderground.com/atlantic-event-details/

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