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Weigh-ins KOTT2

The weigh-in

John Brzenk 114 kg
Ermes Gasparini 125,8 kg
Larry Wheels 126 kg
Devon Larratt 129 kg
Brandon Allen 142 kg
Genadi Kvikvinia 144 kg

King of the Table continues to grow because of the fans support. They want to give back, so KOT organisers have decided last night that they are launching a KOT 2022 all access pass.

Everyone who buys the KOT 2 PPV you will receive a discounted all access pass 2022 to watch and enjoy KOT 3, 4 & 5

Support the armwrestling movement and support the KOT growth bringing you the best armwrestlers and productions.

KoTT 2022 all access pass launching in January for $29.99

People who buy KOT 2 will be able to get it for 19.99 in January