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World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships rules │Over the Top

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Allen Fisher – northeastboard:

” You all better keep an eye on the website.
Check out the new / old rules.
We’re going back to Over The Top! “

” Note: Competitors will be allowed to cover their opponent’s thumb knuckle.
No competitor will be allowed to cover their opponent’s index finger knuckle with their index and or ring finger. ” –

Chris Ceci – northeastboard:

” I hope I can help to clear this confusion up about this tournament everyone’s so skeptical about. I have been away from the sport a while, but today I received a phone call here in Fort Myers, Fl. from a man who’s name had rung a bell. His name is Marvin Alex Cohen please read below:

Unfortunately, the passage of a quarter of a century does take its toll on human memory. When asked about Over The Top, the first thing many participants will tell you is a variation of “I can’t remember, it was 25 years ago!” Luckily, this is often followed by a good piece of advice – “you should talk to Lori or Marvin”.

In 1985 Lori Cole owned an automobile body shop in Oxnard, California, and had already won 6 world armwrestling titles. In May of that year she received a call from Marvin Cohen, then working for the Cannon Group who were producing “Over The Top”. Cohen was a pool and landscape contractor by trade, but had been recruited by Cannon to create the promotions campaign for “Over The Top”.

When Cohen told her the film was going to be made, Lori was sceptical: ‘I said, “I’ve heard that before.” ‘The screenplay was written in 1979, it’s now May 1985. And he said “you will never believe who is going to star in it…Sylvester Stallone”. I could not believe it. I loved Sylvester Stallone.’

So, the reason for the call is there’s a guy in Naples Fl. south of me who’s being funded by the bar he bounces for to compete in the senior frogs event and needs someone to train with. So, with that said,
If you look at the flyer posted at it says, joehand promotions, Joe Hand Promotions, who is the premier distributor of closed circuit pay-per-view “UFC” &boxing and special events in the country.

I’m supposed to meet with Marvin this afternoon, and today on the phone I told him there was much confusion about his tournament. I told him I’d post the following info for him, and he responded, give them all my personal number so the armwrestlers can speak with me, so hear you go. Marvin Alex Cohen 805-305-3354 

If all he spoke to me about today on the phone goes as he plans, Armwrestlings got a big future ahead. ”

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  1. Watch out Armwrestlers those with deep pockets are set to cash in big your hard work. The RAPTORS of Advertising have their eye upon us…

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