VIDEOS: Terry Crews Euro Training, Expendables Training, Cobra Back Workout

The first video is funny, but the other two videos have serious training.

Terry Crews – Euro Training

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Terry Crews Expendables Training –

Uploaded on 11 Aug 2010

BAM! Wanna get huge? Receive the gift of knowledge from Terry Crews, and learn what he did to get ready for his part as Hale Caesar in the action-film The Expendables. Building Kick!

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Terry Crews – Cobra Back Workout –

Uploaded on 12 Aug 2011

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Get Lethal Lats With Terry Crews’ Cobra Back Workout

“You got the cobra back, you’re about to bite somebody with it!”

You can see Terry Crews flash his physique in the “Expendables,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” or his brand-new show, “Are We There Yet?” He’s flexed his musculature from the trenches of the NFL to Hollywood red carpets to Old Spice commercials while machine-gun poppin’ his pecs.

Those may be his flashiest muscles, but to Crews, the back musculature is just as important as those beach muscles up front. “Everybody focuses on all the push movements, but to really get your back together, you have to focus just as hard on the pull movements.”

You have to work your back from top to bottom to get the full effect. Will it be easy? Heck, no. But the man himself says, “If you want that cobra, you gotta pay for the cobra.”

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