2013 DAYTONA CHALLENGE │3 – 5 October 2013

Daytona Challenge 2013 │ Image Source: daytonachallenge.com
Daytona Challenge 2013 │ Image Source: daytonachallenge.com

We take great pride in announcing the number one event of its kind in the United States… The Daytona Challenge. This world-class competition of men with muscles and girls with curves is being filmed in 3-D for a national television audience, in order to provide high caliber exposure for all of its sponsors and participants. The Daytona Challenge is the only event of its kind to offer this major promotional punch. The exposure is unparalleled and so is amount of cash and prizes… $60,000! Our generous purse, combined with the unique thrill of 3-D television, makes this competition a championship-level attraction. And our beautiful location is the perfect venue for it!

The fun, the sand, the history, and Daytona’s sporting-world stature made this location our first choice. Daytona, home of NASCAR, the US Tennis Association and the LPGA, is no stranger to premier sporting events. And the Plaza Hotel location itself, with its the rich history and opulent appointments, make it the perfect home for this five-star event. There is truly no better place for muscles and curves to compete than right here!

Of course, the only thing better than a rich history is our rich purse… over $60,000 in cash and prizes will be won at this event!

Winners will Compete for prizes in the following categories:

• Men’s Right-Hand Arm Wrestling Championship

• Men’s Left-Hand Arm Wrestling Championship

• Bikini Challenge

• Swimsuit Challenge

• Physique Competition

• Bench Press Competition

And Just Announced
• International Bikini Arm Wrestling Challenge

Register now for only $35!!! (reg. $75)

and get a free event T-shirt!!! (reg. $15)

That’s a $90.00 VALUE!!! And a Savings of $55!!

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The Daytona Challenge is a Las Vegas-style show of muscle and beauty.

The sex appeal of the bikini competitions…

The noise of championship arm wrestling…

The sensation of all our hard-body events in one beautiful place!

The Daytona Challenge is an event you won’t want to miss!

Source: daytonachallenge.com


AAA is OUT of Daytona Challenge Event

” The Daytona Challenge Event has advertised $10,000 in prize money to be distributed to the armwrestling event. Due to the fact that we were hired to advertise and run this event, we wanted assurance that the prize money was indeed and in fact there, so we asked for assurances.

Simply, we asked that the prize money be made available prior to the start of the event Friday, October 3. The response we received was that H and H Fitness Promotions, Inc. would distribute the prize money on Saturday evening after the contest was finished.

We requested an assurance, especially due to the events pertaining to the Vegas event surrounding the prize money, and asked that the prize money be brought to the athlete’s meeting Friday, October 3 at 9am to be counted out as a show of good faith.

To date, we have received no response whatsoever!

As some of you may be aware, another organization was originally “hired” to do the event before we were. After speaking with the owner of that organization, he had the same problems and concerns we have had regarding this event. He also was not be given any guaranteed assurance that the prize money would be paid.

This event most likely will continue. We are not encouraging anyone not to attend. We are however letting the armwrestling population know well in advance that not one single dime of prize money is guaranteed to be paid. ”

Source: Karen Bean – northeastboard

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