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37th World Armwrestling Championships – WAF 2015 ?

World Armwrestling Championships - WAF 2015 │ Image Source:
World Armwrestling Championships – WAF 2015 │ Image Source:

UPDATE ► INFO, VIDEOS: 37th World Armwrestling Championships 2015 (WAF) │ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MAP

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In the first part you can read the article from, in the second part you can read what Bill Collins and Robert Drenk wrote about this subject.

” After long negotiations Slovak armwrestling federation refused to take the World Championship in 2015. Thus, America and then Slovakia could not assume the obligation to hold the tournament. The question remains open.

It’s unbelievable: at first time of all history of our sport we have such problem. What had happened?

“In 2010 at WAF Congress majority vote of the right to take the Worlds in 2015 was given to the United States, – says Igor Mazurenko. – President of the World Federation at the time was a Canadian Fred Roy. In 2012, during the World Championship in Brazil we reached a turning point. At the Congress by a majority vote of Fred Roy managed to shoot. Assen Hadjitodorov and Alexander Filimonov took control.

In 2012 Polish Federation organized the European Championship. The tournament was held at a very high level with the highest standards. Many of the European countries want to pursue at this level not only European but also World Championships. We remember that the championship in Brazil was held so-so, and it could not be the same anymore. And once it became clear that Assen Hadjitodorov decided not to lower the bar of the European Championship, because the organization of sports competitions at the world level should not lag behind European and even be much better”.

Everyone was waiting for the world championship in 2013 and new standards in Poland. Polish Federation held a championship, after which the Americans immediately reported that they are unable to provide this level. First of all, they had a problem with the organization of the live broadcast on the sports channel. It was an alarming bell.

Autumn 2013 Igor Mazurenko met with the organizer of the future championship-2015 Bill Collins “Collins initially agreed to cooperate, but he said that broadcasting is impossible. Actually, we have seen a championship in “Las Vegas” in 2010. Competitions were held in the hangar, not at the Worlds level at all.

Under the WAF’s rules, a certain country federation have to organize the World Championship, the contract is signed it with it. Will this federation organize everything by itself or turn to commercial organizations – does not matter. American Federation was registered recently, but in fact, in the championship could make any commercial organization.

PAL, which I represent, was to provide financial, logistical support, and the federation would then simply reap all success. Naturally, this approach does not suit anyone. The World Federation was an ultimatum: either the American Federation holds competitions or gives the right of another organizer”, – concluded Mazurenko.

It was a deadlock.

During the Congress in Azerbaijan Marian Capla offered to hold the championship in Slovakia. He’d brought the candidacy of Slovakia, but for later events. But after reflection and advice with officials and businessmen about funding, the Slovak federation refused to hold the World Championship in 2015.

The question remains open.

“There was a proposal to hold the championship again in Poland, – shares Mazurenko. – But we stick to the policy of armwrestling popularization worldwide, not only in Poland, so this option is not very suitable. But we are ready to organize this event at a decent level. The only condition is answer deadline at 1st of September”.

Anastasia Kisilyova “


Bill Collins – northeastboard: ” A sad issue for USA, most don’t know the political side of the armwrestling at the world level, a country can only host a WAF world championship every 5 years in their respective country, I hosted the 2010, hence opening the 2015 for USA..WAF accepts bid 3 years prior to the event.

Last time I was at a congress meeting their was 46 country’s that was represent WAF, each country having a voting member…

In 2012 I put a proposal together to host the 2015 WAF worlds, Simon presented it to the WAF congress and USA won the 2015 WAF USA worlds, the stipulation was agreed with existing president Fred Roy, that the contract remains the same as my 2010 contract (all agreed)..WAF only sends out the written agreement a year prior to the championship…

Needless to say Fred was out voted by Assen from Bulgaria that same year (2012), I received the written contract (2015) from Assen 4 months ago….Assen knowing the agreement with Fred Roy..

It cost $42,000.00 to host the 2010 world and the additional language in the written contract added another $110,000.00, in short to host a worlds expect to pay around $150,000.00..

USA is totally prepared to host the Worlds with the original agreement, I’d even agree to pay for the extra 7 flights for his “technical crew”!!!!! if they take out the 4 day satellite single (new language)..

I seen this article on and found it comical seeing Igor comment about the 2010 championship was in a “hanger”…That so called hanger is a stand alone structure where profession concerts, the golden glove boxing champions etc. are held, it was all the amenities (air/heat, massive sound system, carpet, massive big screens, etc.)a nice venue.

Personally having the same president for EAF & WAF is to much power, one controls all of Europe and the world level…one can understand the motive behind such change if you understand the politics..

Even more interesting the 2015 worlds was aligned to be given to another organization in USA before any negotiation was on the table, one would think WAF would do the right thing..

Marian Capla, the WAF general sectary was also graciously waiting to take this over and host it in Slovakia but the advice from officials and backers the Slovak federation refused to host the 2015 worlds..

Once again USA is prepared to host the 2015 Worlds but without the new added language…The WAF executive committee can make this happen!!!!! “

Robert Drenk – northeastboard: ” This type of behavior and political action will kill the sport on a World level. Seems to me one man has too much power if he can come in and change an agreed upon location and force Countries to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars the Sport simply cant support or take the event from the winning Country after the fact. The issue is the man with all the power wants the events in his Country for monetary reasons , and or expects / forces each and every Country to spend the money or lose the event when not every Country has the same level of government support. Igor is saying Worlds hosted in the US back in 2010 wasn’t up to par (this is based on who’s expectation of a professional event, this same man who took worlds from USA or Igor?). I thought Worlds in 2010 was a great location and fantastic event. USA won the 2015 bid based on the exact same terms as the 2010 Worlds, be honorable and do the right thing! “

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