Accommodation for the 35th World Armwrestling Championships 2013 (WAF)

World Armwrestling Championships 2013:

Warning – first hotel for World Armwrestling Championship 2013 is FULL!

Hotel Dom Marynarza
Hotel Dom Marynarza – is FULLY BOOKED│ Image Source:

” Very important announcement from the organizer of the upcoming World Championships!

Accommodation during the championships.

Important! The organizer of the World Armwrestling Championships 2013 in Gdynia (Poland) would like to inform all competitors that they must check in at the hotels which have already been provided for them by the Organizer and the national federation, to which a given athlete belongs.

Those who do not comply with this recommendation, shall not be allowed to take part in the competition!

The process of organizing an event of such an importance as a world championship is very complex. The organizer has to book hotel rooms for a great number of participants in advance and is required to make a down payment.

The organizer has to pay for each booked hotel room, even if no one would stay in the room,  as it was already the case at the European Championships in Poland in 2004, or the World Championships held in Bulgaria in 2007.

Therefore, we appeal to all competitors to rely on their national federations as far as the accommodation matter is concerned. Remember that only your national federation is authorized to contact the organizer.

The EAF and WAF regulation of 2004 clearly states that the organizer imposes on competitors the obligation to be accommodated in a place determined by the organizer.

Please, do not seek accommodation on your own. The organizer has already booked hotel rooms for everyone. Please, comply with that.


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