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Denis Cyplenkov and Michael Todd – Plans for 2013

Denis Cyplenkov - Michael Todd - $25000 │ Adronicus LLC - Allen Fisher
Denis Cyplenkov – Michael Todd – $25000 │ Adronicus LLC – Allen Fisher

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Denis Tysplenkov – vk Michael Todd – facebook

I selected the most relevant comments from facebook. Oleg Kasatkin talked with Denis Cyplenkov, and Denis won’t be available in August.

Oleg Kasatkin wrote: ” He is planning to have a couple of big supermatches pretty soon, but I can`t give you any details for now. He has to announce it first.” │ ” There is a very big competition in Russia called “A1” in July. He will be there “

Michael Todd wrote: ” Willie, I’m scheduled 2 have a UAL title defense July 13th & then pull Dave Chaffee July 27th @ the world CrossFit game. “

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