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Denis Cyplenkov
Denis Cyplenkov │ 

I – Denis Ivanovich Tsyplenkov
Born on March 10, 1982 in the city of Krivoi Rog Ukraine. At the age of 6, I went to secondary school No. 105, immediately started attending various sports sections. In 1993, he began to engage in kettlebell lifting with the famous coach Yakimenko SA. We found a common language and before finishing school I trained with him. Under his guidance, we have achieved good results. At the age of 14 I became KMS on weight, but since the sport itself was not in demand, we were re-qualified for arm wrestling, Moiseyev IB helped us in this. – winner of a number of prestigious tournaments and promoted army sport in our city. Thanks to our joint efforts, I became the champion of Ukraine and Europe among juniors.

After graduation, he moved to Moscow to continue his studies, but it was not so simple for the citizens of the CIS. Soon I got a job in Moscow, otherwise you will not live. Over time, I mastered this huge city, new friends, and with them new opportunities. In 2002, fate brought me to Turchinsky VE. I finished the trainer courses and still work in his club Marcus Aurelius. Turchinsky played an important role in my development, everything related to participation in different tournaments, we carefully examined and weighed “To be or not to be.”

Vladimir Turchinsky - Denis Cyplenkov
Vladimir Turchinsky – Denis Cyplenkov │ Source: 

In 2004 he began to engage in power extreme. During his time as an extreme he managed to become a multiple winner and prize-winner of a number of tournaments. I am a member of the Russian extreme power team. He also took part in a number of different commercial tournaments in arm-sport. Since 2005, I am in favor of the city of Syktyvkar.

Armwrestling has always lived in me, but at the amateur level. In 2008, I was offered assistance in further development of my arm sport skills by the honored trainer Kote Razmadze, with his offer I gladly agreed. Under his leadership, I became the owner of the intercontinental belt and won the title of world champion among professionals.

Participated in various television programs and entertainment shows on various television channels Comedy club, Golden Gramophone, Intuition, Minute of Fame, Galileo, pepper and others.

I am engaged in advertising sports nutrition, I spend various sports events.

Currently I work as a deputy in the village of Obukhovo, Noginsk district of the Moscow region. Actively I help the residents in resolving the issues of housing and communal services.

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Summary table of power achievements and measurements of Denis Cyplenkov:

parameter Maximum results 10.10.2012
Height (cm / ft, inch) 186 cm (6 ft 1″) 186 cm (6 ft 1″)
Weight (kg / lb) 144 kg (317.5 lb) 140 (308.5 lb) +/- 5 kg (11 lb)
Biceps (cm / inch) 60 – 62 cm (PR), 58 – 60 cm (LR)

23.6″ – 24.5″ (PR), 22.8″ – 24.4″ (LR)

58 – 60 cm (PR), 56 – 58 cm (LR)

22.8″ – 24.4″ (PR), 22″ – 22.8″ (LR)

Wrist (cm / inch) 24 cm (9.5″) 23 cm (9.05″)
Forearm (cm / inch) 48 cm (18.9″) 46 cm (18.1″)
Waist (cm / inch) 105 cm (41.3″) 95 cm (37.4″)
Chest (cm / inch) 145 cm (57.1″) 140 cm (55.1″)
Hip (cm / inch) 85 cm (33.5″) 75 cm (29.5″)
Neck (cm / inch) 50 cm (19.7″) 50 cm (19.7″)
Shin (cm / inch) 50 cm (19.7″) 50 cm (19.7″)
Bench press (kg / lb) in Hall 290 kg (639.3 lb), WPC 270 kg (595.2 lb), IPF 260 kg (573.2 lb) (2012) working 220 kg (485 lb) PFD
Deadlift (kg / lb) strongman 320 kg (705.5 lb) (2008) Worker 180 kg (396.8 lb) – 200 kg (440.9 lb) PFD
Squats (kg / lb) strongman 340 kg (749.6 lb) (2008) Worker 180-200 PFD
Lifting barbells biceps standing 180 kg (396.8 lb) 180 kg (396.8 lb)
Bench with chest standing: strongman 180 kg (396.8 lb) timber (2008) I do not do
Captains of Crush Grippers №2, № 3 I do not do


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*? – All I go, I go on the record beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1972, which states that the weight of the body on the number of times. I recall with a weight of 115 kg old Arnold lifted the barbell biceps standing 120 kg 20 times, the fact remains that Guinness World Records. With my 140 kg will not soon I will go.
RPT – general physical training, the average number of 15-20 times, to give muscle tone.

  1. Your contact: – Write the letter read .
  2. Can I hire you as a coach? – No
  3. Training cycle (method of training tips for beginners)
    Offseason 5 times a week slowly
    Season 3 times the limit of weight training
    I can advise beginners to exercise regularly, but not too much strain to do mostly basic exercises (bench press, deadlift, squats) only they can see the real power boost. Train no more than 3 times a week, eat well and balanced (meat, vegetables, fruit), and a lot of good rest, thump to the extent of not more than once in a week is better not to thump!
  4. As you swing your biceps – bicep workout you can see in the pictures . Training specific, I armrestlerov all of this goes.
    The best exercise for biceps my opinion – the rise of the biceps barbell sitting EZ stamp see photo .
  5. What kind of food the most correct in your opinion? – Better than Vladimir Turchinsky I can not answer, watch the video there all lucidly described ( my answer )!
  6. Sports Nutrition – Amino acids and protein when there is absolutely nothing.
  7. Why are your hands so big? – Everyone thinks it’s from drinking S.G.R. But not guessed! In our family’s paternal all my grandfathers, uncles were the hands, heredity in one word.
  8. How do you spend your holidays? – I like to relax in nature, sit in the bath so that the beer, roach.
  9. Creative plans for the future? – A lot of plans have had the strength and life for their implementation.
  10. Favorite music? – Victor R. Choi and Nikolai Rastorguev.
  11. What saddens and frustrates? – Questions that people ask without thinking, as well as people are not conscious of their actions and deeds!
  12. If you want me to call what ever event, remember you have to pay for travel, accommodations, as well as keep in mind the fact that my personal time, too, costs money – it is possible to negotiate write .
  13. Denis you are in social networks, as you distinguish from the clones?
    My page in Odnoklassniki locked, so for me there is no more, there were only clones.
    My contact, I distinguish from clones simply by the number of friends, and those who are my friends. But I write there, too, is extremely rare. See my page in touch .
    On Twitter, I do not have a Facebook I do not have too.
  14. I will answer your questions on the site, if it is an interesting question even publish.
    Just answer the questions (if possible) Online: Iron factor .
    My nickname on this forum: Zeus.

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Denis Cyplenkov - child, little boy
Denis Cyplenkov – child, little boy │ Photo Source:
Denis Cyplenkov - Torchbearer - Sochi 2014 │ Photo Source: Andrey Sharkov - [edited by XSportNews]
Denis Cyplenkov – Torchbearer – Sochi 2014 │ Photo Source: Andrey Sharkov – [edited by XSportNews]

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