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Donations for the families of Andrey Pushkar and Oleg Zhokh

Oleg Zhokh, Andrey Pushkar
Oleg Zhokh, Andrey Pushkar

I made a small list with the places where you can make donations to help the family of and the family of .

1. Ryan Bowen from Pound for Pound Armwrestling opened this for donations ► ANDREY PUSHKAR TRIBUTE & FUNDRAISER

2. Use your PayPal account to send money to this account opened by PAL for donations: [email protected]

(login to your PayPal account => Send or request money => Send Payments => [email protected] => choose the amount you want to send, Add a note)

3. Transfer money directly to their accounts using and the data below:

Receiver country 🇺🇦 Ukraine

For Andrey Pushkar – donations to his wife:
First name – Svetlana
Last name – Pushkar
Card number: 5167985660401217

For Oleg Zhokh – donations to Oleg’s mother:
First Name – Svetlana
Last Name – Zhokh
Card number: 5168757381218074

4. Fundraiser by Svitlana Zhokh ► Help Oleg Zhokh –

Cards for Oleg Zhokh to be used with, for treatment and rehabilitation
Cards for Oleg Zhokh to be used with, for treatment and rehabilitation


R.I.P. Andrey Pushkar, 6 August 1985 – 14 November 2018

Condition of Oleg Zhokh is stable

Andrey Pushkar Tribute | Thank You from The Armwrestlers of The World

Source: Pound for Pound Armwrestling
Donations for Andrei and Oleg
Source: Toprollking Productions
The Greatest Сhampion forever! RIP Andrey Pushkar

Andrey Pushkar Tribute – Legends Never Die (R.I.P 11.14.18)

Source: SwedenArmwrestlingTelevision