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East vs West: The Engin Terzi Supermatch Fund

Engin Terzi on Facebook:
“We plan to organize a EAST vs WEST Armwrestling event.
Herman Stevens II offered to help me about fundraising. For beginning we think of about 3 matches. First one seems to be Bozhidar Simeonov vs Tony Kitowski right and left. We still work on for the rest. If you want to contribute here is the link to do it.”

Link: East vs West: The Engin Terzi Supermatch Fund…


“The money that will be donated will be spent for supermatches. Means prize money award, flight, hotel and food for athletes. We will organize supermatches but how many and who the athletes are will be up to the amount.
Every single coin that will be spent will be declared in details to the people who donated money. If i find extra sponsors directly then those will be declared as well. There will be high quality filming and live broadcasting from the event.
Except athletes NO ONE will make any money from this event. Herman Stevens donated 200$ and also traveling to pull supermatch by covering his own expenses.”


Info from Herman Stevens:

“This fund is setup to raise money to organize some of the most wanted armwrestling matches in the world.

Recently, Engin Terzi has assembled some of the most elite  matches the sport has seen such as his event in April 2021 that included athletes with a combined 110+ senior titles in the World Championships, European Championships, Asian Championships, and the Zloty Tur World Cup. Currently, Engin has Matt Mask scheduled to fight Ermes Gasparini on June 12.

The next target is to make more matches between the East and the West. Some examples of the type of matches that are being discussed include:

Tony Kitowski vs Simeonov Bozhidar
Todd Hutchings vs Hadzhimurat Zoloev

Other names being discussed to participate include: Tim Bresnan, Genadi Kvikvinia, Paul Linn, Dan Mosier, Engin Terzi, Zurab Tavberidze, Justin Bishop, etc.

More information will be provided as the effort develops and as questions are asked and addressed.

Herman Stevens”