Engin Terzi needs help in supporting the Turkish Bodybuilding Fitness and Armwrestling Federation (TVGFBF)

Engin Terzi and his son Emir Terzi │Photo Source: Engin Terzi
Engin Terzi and his son Emir Terzi │Photo Source: Engin Terzi

Engin Terzi ► Armwrestling John – Engin:

” today i need help from you all.. because of some doping case in body building our government may close our federation which also has armwrestling along with body building..we would like to take attention of the government by TWITTER tomorrow evening between 19.00 – 20.00 with a hashtag #TVGFBFkapanmasın which means do not close Turkish body building fitness and armwrestling federation..if you write your comments in English with this hashtag then it will help our case..thanks in advance to anyone who will support us ! ”

” armwrestling wouldnt be as good with the absence of Turkish pullers, am i wrong ? ”

” anyone wills to join us tomorrow at 19.00 with Turkish time ? anyone ? ”

” i told my friends that i would find 50 international supporters.. ”

” i would still be part of armwrestling in some way or another but i will feel sorry for the young generation who are living with the dream of becoming one of the best pullers in the world.. ”

”  i started to do that as a job and now they became like my own children..i miss them even between trainings. can not wait to train them..their improvements make me so happy.i have no doubt that if someday they become succesful this will make me happier than my own successes.i had trained people who became world champions but these kids are the youngest that i have trained so far..as long as armwrestling is alive here i will train them no matter as a job or as a volunteer.. i can not let them stay at the half road.. one can not imagine how much it makes me happy to see them doing better..one of them is doing very well..not genetically gifted but smart and hard working.. what i try to develope is the “best way” (IMO), so it may not be possible each of them to reach there but time will show..every single detail is important..so advises from far away is not so realistic way to help to fulfill what i try to do.. “

Below you can see the local time in Turkey. If you want to help, you have to post on twitter between 19.00 – 20.00 (Turkey time) and add this hashtag #TVGFBFkapanmasın – which means do not close Turkish Bodybuilding Fitness and Armwrestling Federation:

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