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Info about A1 Russian Open 2015 from Nikolay Mishta

A1 Russian Open 2015 Vladikavkaz, T-shirt front image│ Image Source: Николай Мишта [edited by]
A1 Russian Open 2015 Vladikavkaz, T-shirt front image│ Image Source: Николай Мишта [edited by]
Google Translate was used for the translation from Russian language. If an English version of this info will be released, I will post it here.

Source: Nikolai Mishta│ Google Translate:

” Welcome !!
Quick reminder for everyone who goes (goes), in general, gets to the A1!

1). The tournament is held in Vladikavkaz, the central stadium “Arena”, the address: Pushkinskaya Street, 12; 23rd from 9-00 am 22-00 pm weighing and registration of the participants; 24th left hand, right on the 25th.
Attention !! Start of the competition at 10 am precisely, from all categories, except for the absolute! Home absolyutnoy- 17-00.
I draw the attention of persons with disabilities that the 24th may (depending on the total number of athletes) to hold both hands !!

2). No pre-registration! We must come to the weigh-in, pay the entry fee (1500 rubles per hand) to show a passport. It’s all.
For invalids document confirming the disability.
Critical tolerance weighing + – 200 grams.
I consider that this, as always, strictly. Members of absolute categories also posted! This information will be important for the statistics and for the media.

3). Beydzhiki get in place, PAA passport is not required.
Also, each participant will receive a T-shirt of the organizers, which is obliged to act.

4). From contributions generally exempt all persons with disabilities and all of Honored Master of Sports of Russia in arm wrestling (ZMS license will need to show!).

5). Absolyutka men and women paid (also for a half thousand rubles) separately!
Women absolyutka runs on the principle of male (8 prize), 25th July, only on the right hand! Sample the beginning of the women’s absolyutki – no later than 15-30.

6). Medals, diplomas, money, and gifts from the powerful company Vita Hit, will receive not only the first three places for the disabled and the first to fifth inclusive. In absolyutkah – all eight finalists. 🙂 I made a reservation, get a medal in all five athletes with disabilities and eight in absolyutke. Let remain in the memory of the tournament, in which to take eighth place not everyone can!
Memorable crystal cup get the absolute champion of the left hand men, the absolute champion on his right hand man and the absolute champion on his right hand in women. The names of past and current champions are now engraved on the basis of the cup, which over the years will become higher and higher)).
Medals and cups will be a new design and high quality; I hope everyone will appreciate.

7). Restrictions on admission to competitions is not! If you have 16 and you gotovy- come (come) to fight. Citizenship and sports titles do not matter.

8). Tickets for one day of the competition will be available at the entrance to the arena. They need the audience to not wander around the stadium and sat in their rightful place as the hall will be packed full. Ticket price simvolicheskaya- 200 or 300 rubles, not yet reported. Number do with the stock.
Athletes will be allocated a place in the front ranks, too, with tickets, but free, so after a personal performance could see the fight.

9). Remind categories: 65, 80, 95, more than 95 kilograms, the absolute category; invalids have only the absolute category in each subclass arm1, arm2, arm3, arm 4. In female absolute category on the right hand (25th of July).

10). Chief referee – Alexei Pavlov; Chief Secretaries and Administrators A1 – Olesya Romanenko, her assistant – Melnichuk Martin; second secretary and press attaché of the tournament – Vasily Sorokin; translator – Vasily Ganshin. The Organizing Committee A1 – Mishta Nicholas Baroev Hasan (sports minister of North Ossetia), Elchin Mammadov, the base of Aslan, Alexei Pavlov, Olesya Romanenko, Samoth Alina, Artur Aghajanian.

Eleven). Members of the Appeals Committee will determine the 23rd July the chief judge of the competition. The appeal is an athlete immediately after the match, as an athlete or coach shall inform an official serving duel. The cost of the appeal of 1 thousand rubles. Term of consideration as quickly as possible to a maximum of five minutes. You can insist on watching the video again, particularly if there is a record of the match. Our operators will remove the competition in parallel with the broadcast, including, for this purpose. You can also, if you presuppose that the fight will be intense, and they say, “on the verge”, right before the fight to ask an operator to shoot him.
I recommend also to the judges not to be shy and ask the recording is always in the presence of doubt in assessing the match. Decisions of the Appeals Commission to appeal and not subject to revision.

12). Regarding translations: in detail, where, on what channels and sites you can watch the competition, let a week before the start of the competition. We will try to make it as accessible and convenient.

13). Remember: the easiest way to something extra uznat- call or email networks (Facebook, vkontakte) directly to me. Anytime. I will try to help as much as I can.

14). Volunteers are welcome! Will need regular assistance in the organization of the tournament in place from the 23rd to 25th of July. Food, T-shirt as a present guarantee; especially otlichivshimsya- gifts from sports nutrition from the best manufacturers Vita Hit.

15). On the territory of an arena will host the tent-shop Vita Hit. The first major part of the costs are not only the organizers, sponsors and partners. In the future our cooperation will only increase. In addition to their products, you can buy a souvenir T-shirt A1 almost at cost (1,000 rubles). Each year the t-shirt design will be partly vary depending on the venue of the competition. This year, for example, the symbol of the A1 will be a symbol of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – the snow leopard. I am attaching photo). The following godu- symbol other regions of the RF subject. In the future, they can be ordered on the website of A1 and Vita Hit, and purchased directly in stores Vita Hit.

16). The prize will be paid on the spot, immediately directly at the awards ceremony. If necessary, at the request of athletes to cashless payments. On this issue, please refer to my younger partner A1 Elchin Mammadov.

17). At the end of the tournament, all the photos and videos will be embedded on the site (today the site is still partly in test mode). All can be downloaded for free in the original resolution.

18). Finally, I ask all at once, and the participants and the audience. Arm wrestling on the verge of official recognition of the World. Everyone already knows about the games IWAS in Sochi, as well as the Asian Games. For we are now paying very close attention to high-ranking officials of the sport, both in Russia and from abroad, major TV channels and other media. Gradually the sport money comes, not only from fans, altruists, but also on the business! Nearest fiducial facilities- A1, Nemiroff, IWAS. At the end of the year will decide on the Paralympics.
So each of us who can help- uncompromising and gambling (reasonable shocking welcome!) Wrestling competitions and mass, and who is at least widespread in the networks, the media and so on. Call friends to the section Distribute the best fights in the YouTube, was discussed at the relevant fora, etc. and etc. All this together makes a real difference !!

We are getting closer to our dream of the Olympics and the next 10 years it will implement. Anyway;) ”

Source: Nikolai Mishta│ Google Translate

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A1 Russian Open 2015 Vladikavkaz, T-shirt back image│ Image Source: Armwrestling Federation Moscow
A1 Russian Open 2015 Vladikavkaz, T-shirt back image│ Image Source: Armwrestling Federation Moscow

If you want to know more info about the tournament, read this article ► INFO: A1 Russian Open 2015, 23-25 July 2015, Vladikavkaz, MAP

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