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INTERVIEW: Dave Chaffee. Troublemaker.

Dave Chaffee vs. Denis Cyplenkov - Nemiroff World Cup 2013 │ Image Source:
Dave Chaffee vs. Denis Cyplenkov – Nemiroff World Cup 2013 │ Image Source:

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” Troublemaker.
Dave Chafee.Troublemaker.The man who was able to give a decent fight to the great Denis Tsyplenkova.For us, the Russian fans, it appeared as if from nowhere.And how did!Like a bolt from the blue.
And again – the daunting news.Dave goes to the World armwrestling Grand Prix A1 Russian Open Rusartarhiv 2014! Pleasantly surprised!And some people even doubted not “duck” it?No, not “duck”!Today we talk with Dave, and he puts all the points on the «I».

Good morning, Dave.Tell us about yourself.
Dave: Hi, I’m Dave Chafee. I am 37 years old. I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. I work in a prison in the custody order.

Who for you is an idol, a model for imitation in arm wrestling?
Dave: My idols in arm wrestling is John Brzenk and Craig Tullir. They are both very worthy classic arm wrestlers.

What do in your free time armwrestling?
Dave: After work and on weekends I like to spend time with family, go to practice and play poker.

Tell us a little about your training, how the training process, what are your favorite exercises?
Dave: I train at the table once a week and the remaining 6 days a week I’m doing either at home or in the gym. My favorite exercise is the Curl Scott on the bench with one hand isometric exercises on the bench Scott, pulling using fat gripz (rubber products for thickening capture)

Who of the European arm wrestlers would you like to meet at the table?
Dave: I know some European arm wrestlers. I would like to compete with Ivan Matyushenko, Andrey Pushkar and, of course, Denis Tsyplenkova

How did you decide to come to the tournament A1?
Dave: Championship A1 is the collection of fine athletes, strong competition and undoubtedly attractive prizes. These are the main factors for the decision of my participation in the championship. I would like to thank all those who took and takes part in the organization of this wonderful tournament. Special thanks for what we, arm wrestlers, presented the opportunity to fight for serious money. I want to note that the organizers of the A1 along with normal athletes spend tournament for athletes – persons with disabilities, such as cash prizes. And that’s fine, that athletes with disabilities were able to fight for good monetary reward. They practice no less than we do!

What are your predictions for the fight in the championship A1?
Dave: STANDINGS A1 is quite unusual, it has no analogues in the world, a lot will depend on who will get in early. The draw can be good, and maybe just the opposite.

What starts planning in 2014, except for A1?
Dave: This year I plan to participate in several championships WAL (World Armwrestling League), I hope to come back to Nemiroff in Warsaw.

Champions Armwrestling diet is quite varied, sometimes – amazing.And it feeds Dave Chafee?

Dave: My diet does not hold water. I drink a lot of protein (protein), but madly in love cheeseburgers and pizza.

Dave, in Russia you have a lot of fans and admirers.Many were pleased to learn the news of your arrival at the tournament A1!What can you say to all these people?

Dave: I would once again like to thank my fans for their support, I really appreciate it. Any I win or lose, I squeeze out myself 110%.But, rest assured, I did not come to Russia to disappoint their fans.
See you there! ”

Source:│ Google Translate

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