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INTERVIEW: Ivan Matyushenko about A1 Russian Open 2014

Alexey Semerenko vs. Ivan Matyushenko - Absolute (Open) Weight Class (1) - A1 Russian Open 2013 │ Photo by Andrew Franskevich -
Alexey Semerenko vs. Ivan Matyushenko – Absolute (Open) Weight Class (1) – A1 Russian Open 2013 │ Photo by Andrew

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Ivan Matyushenko: “I would not want to miss such an important event.”

Ivan Matyushenko – Coach, Honored Master of Sports, multiple winner and prize tournaments armsportu Freehold. 

Ivan, hi. Allow me to congratulate you with the “silver” at the European Championship. How are your impressions of the championship in Baku?

Ivan Matyushenko: Greetings. Thank you, Ivan. So-so experience. So many times, became the second-third that another silver could not please. Especially that had a good chance to win. Second place – the most offensive. But that was then passed. Perhaps not with the fifth since the other attempts can win. As for the championship, we enjoyed it, as well as the venue. Baku – a very beautiful city. Here the participants, of course, was not enough.

It is impossible not to touch on the doping control. I would like to ask you, as a witness at how effective and transparent procedures for DC “Europe”?

Ivan Matyushenko: In my three category winners drew lots, and Artem and I pulled out a blank card, and Sergey Tokarev got test. Furthermore, it was stated that more samples, I personally did not notice violations. Although, of course, questions still arise.

We are glad to see you in the lists of participants in the tournament A1. How long have you decided to participate, or the decision came spontaneously?

Ivan Matyushenko: Would not want to miss such an important event. Especially as it is held in Moscow. Final decision has not yet been adopted, if they wanted to compete there.

How are your impressions of the previous tournaments A1, where you take part in?

Ivan Matyushenko: Only positive. Nothing bad I can not say: this is the best tournament in Russia, and perhaps, in the world today. Recently realized that only A1 in the last two years, I was laid out on the full. On the other tournaments this spirit was not. Thanks to the organizers. The atmosphere at the tournament that is necessary.

Are there, in your opinion, is now an alternative tournament A1?

Ivan Matyushenko: Nemiroff is very good, of course. But the prize is less. In Europe and Russia do not see an alternative.In America – probably is. But we’re a little concerned.

But if we talk about regulation of “absolyutki” – how do you like this system?

Ivan Matyushenko: A system in a fair and reasonable allocation of sportsmen groups, the most objective and entertaining.

Planning to come to the tournament the legendary John Brzenk, you ever meet with him before? How do you evaluate his chances in the category and in the “absolyutke”?

Ivan Matyushenko: With Brzenk fought in 2007 at Nemiroff. He easily beat me then, as it is sad. However, he then confidently won and absolyutku. Since then, and did not fight. It seems to me that John had not yet recovered from the operation and scored his best form. In the category of it in the top three, I suppose. In absolyutke also be able to take their rightful place, but did not win. I think John himself will still show, but not now.

Who do you think will be the favorite “absolyutki”? This year, the competition increased – Chafee, Pushkar, Tsypenkov, Brzenk and others.

Ivan Matyushenko: Favourite certainly Denis. It will be interesting to look at the Chafee against Pushkar.

Tell a few “secrets” to prepare Ivan Matyushenko most important tournaments for you?

Ivan Matyushenko: I do not think I own any special secrets. I try to use bloc periodization in training as possible. But most importantly – it is to plan training “by itself”, especially considering the reaction to stress, recovery, etc.

Spaibo, Ivan! See you at A1!

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