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Ivan Matyushenko – Biography from his new site

Ivan Matyushenko │ Image Source:
Ivan Matyushenko │ Image Source:

I was born in November 1984 in an ordinary Moscow family. Nobody among my relatives has ever done any sport. I started armwrestling in September 1999. It was on the day when a friend of mine being 15 kg lighter than me beat my two hands with his one on our judo classes. I didn’t enjoy that and immediately went to an armwrestling club where I met my future coach Alex Mundzhishvilli (World Champion 1998). He said I was welcome and I started training under his guidance. I have always liked armwrestling and from the very first workout I realized that it’s “my” sport.

During more than 14 years of constant training I have won a number of different tournaments:

Moscow Open Champion 2005, 2008, 2010

World Champion among Students 2005 (Russia)

National Champion 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014

3rd place at Nemiroff World Cup 2007 (Poland)

3rd place at Europeans 2008 (Norway)

2nd place at Worlds 2008 (Canada)

3rd place at Europeans 2009 (Bulgaria)

World Champion 2009 (Italy)

3rd place at Europeans 2010 (Russia)

2nd place at Europeans 2011 (Turkey)

2nd place at A1 2012 (Russia)

4th place at A1 2012 Open (Russia)

4th place at A1 2013 Open (Russia)

2nd place at Worlds 2013 (Poland)

World Champion 2014 (Lithuania)

* for more info look HISTORY

PUBLICATIONS: several articles in the sport magazine «IronWorld».

EDUCATION: Moscow City Pedagogical University 2004-2009.

LANGUAGES: Russian native/English.


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