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John Brzenk training in Chiapas, Mexico │2011

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Source: Mexico City Warlords

Although this video was posted today on facebook, I believe it was recorded in March 2011, when Brzenk visited Chiapas, Mexico. See the album 3/20/2011 Chiapas Mexico – John R Brzenk’s facebook photos. │ Google Translate: John Brzenk shared techniques and tactics about Armwrestling

• Friday was the last day Energym
• The Armwrestling Association of Chiapas and the education system organized the event Descartes

By: Oscar Mijangos

World champion Armwrestling, John Brzenk shared techniques and tactics on arms struggle in this discipline clinics which were held from Wednesday until Friday afternoon.

Last Friday Energym gathered in the gymnasium located at 16 East, where they met about 15 athletes, including national champion due from Mexico City.

Next to the Armwrestling Association of Chiapas, were at 6:00 pm, by measuring forces and managed to learn new techniques to improve their level and keep practicing. 
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It was about two hours, which was the world champion living with several people who took the opportunity to take the picture.

It also invited those who were interested in the sport to participate in the next state, in order to form the selective may participate nationally based in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.

John was measured with the audience, and none of the athletes could dominate the champion, so this advantage for correcting a couple of positions and tell them where they could apply more force to have an effect on your opponent.

Finally, the Armwrestling Association commented that in later days will by providing a pair of events, which will serve to further promote this discipline, which has had good response from the public. 
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Original – │ Google TranslateJohn Brzenk shared techniques and tactics about Armwrestling

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