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VIDEOS: John Brzenk training at Silverback’s Armwrestling Club │ Melbourne, Australia

Silverback’s Armwrestling Club – Training With John Brzenk

Published on 12 Mar 2013

A sneak peek of the training session held at Silverback’s Armwrestling Club in Melbourne, Australia. John Brzenk takes on John Bowley, Phil Rasmussen and Zurab Kavtaradze after pulling three hours with some of the heavier boys at the club.

John Brzenk Session – Silverback’s Armwrestling Club 2

Published on 14 Mar 2013

Day 2 of the Silverback’s training session held at the House Of Pain training shed in Melbourne, Australia. John Brzenk takes on Duan Beckett, Paul Wild, Andrew Lea, Luke Iles, Amr El’Dash & Jesse Johnson after 3 hours of intense training, beer, bbq & conversation.

Source: John Smith