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Oleg Zhokh: Plans for 2013

Oleg Zhokh - 1st place - 2011 World Armwrestling Championship - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Oleg Zhokh – 1st place – 2011 World Armwrestling Championship – Almaty, Kazakhstan │ Photo Source:

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” Today, we ask questions to the current world champion in the 70 kg category on the left hand, the youngest ever World Cup winner in the professional (the first time he won the title at the age of 18 years), Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine armsportu, an athlete from Rivne , Oleg Zhohu.

Oleg, tell us about your plans for a national championship in 2013? Ready to act?

Oleg: Yes, I am going, I am prepared, I want to try your hand in the category of 75 kg. for adults on the left arm. Now I weigh 74 kg, the weight itself slowly typed, I was still young – growth. This year the plan is to come forward and to the right and the left hand on the juniors. 

Already know the main contenders?

Oleg: I have a new category for, so their opponents know the list of declared athletes. 

We are still under the influence your performance in the tournament, “A1”, when you get in the top eight finalists of the Open category in the left hand. What we liked in the tournament?

Oleg: I liked everything! Tournament “A1” was one of the best that I have fought and are generally carried out in the world! To him I was very prepared, as it is now for the next competition, including to “A1”. 

You set a task to perform and win the tournament, “A1”? 

Oleg: Yes, I want to go to the “A1 Russian Open» and perform at least as good as last year. Think also apply to the absolute category. But winning absolyutku until the problem is not present, but this time is sure to come (laughs). 

You train the younger generation in Rivne armsportsmenov?

Oleg: Trains my coach Komarevich Alexander, and I, because I am one of the most accomplished athletes in Rivne, I can give advice wishing for training or fighting. 

What advice could you give everyone a armsportsmenam?

Oleg: I would advise them to train – and they do it! The main thing – the desire and effort. 

Interesting things happening in the life of Oleg Zhoha, as a student, as a person? Your life plans?

Oleg: Now I study at the National University of Water Management and Nature at the Faculty of Management, preparing for a competition, many train. On weekends I go to my parents home in choirs. I study in the fourth year, this year I want to do on the fifth, and then, and find work. But sport is not going to give up! 

We can only follow the successes and victories of this talented athlete, and the fact that they are in his sports career will still be, we are sure!
In this video you can see the legendary match in the tournament “A1 Russian Open» Oleg between 70 pound and 110 pound Zhohom Zelimkhan Zankarhanovym:

Author: Andrei Sharkov ”

Original – │ Google Translate

Олег Жох против Зелимхана Занкарханова [армрестлинг] (Google Translate: Oleg Zhoh against Zelimkhan Zankarhanova [arm wrestling])

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