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Poland leaves WAF and EAF

Poland leaves WAF
Poland leaves WAF

Poland, the 3rd country to leave WAF and EAF, after Sweden and Finland.

Anna Mazurenko on facebook:

” Decision on termination of membership in the structures of the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) and the European Armwrestling Federation (EAF).

The Federation of Armwrestling Poland conducted public consultations on June 14-21, 2019 among the Presidents of affiliated clubs, which resulted in a vote in the following matter. 21 out of 23 entitled voters voted “FOR” leaving the WAF and EAF structures and 2 holded off their vote.

Among the key aspects that influenced the decision should be mentioned:

1. Lack of transparency in the functioning of WAF and EAF management, including numerous suspicions of financial embezzlement.

2. Unsubstantiated suspension of the contract for the organisation of the World Championship (Katowice 2019).

3. The decisions to suspend the referees and players in a manner inconsistent with the WAF Constitution.

4. Unreasonable suspension of the official representatives and referees of the Federation of Armwrestling Poland and preventing them from performing their duties at the European Championships and other tournaments recommended by the WAF, without presenting official suspension decisions and preventing the appeal.

5. Restrictions on the freedom of athletes to choose tournaments by limiting participation in events only recommended by the management of WAF and EAF.

6. Violation of the constitutional principles of democracy by blocking the participation of individual national activists in the member countries’ assemblies and preventing them from expressing opinions and statements on matters directly related to them and on organizational matters of WAF and EAF.

In connection with the above allegations, the Federation of Armwrestling Poland terminates membership in the structures of the World Armwrestling Federation and the European Armwrestling Federation.

Thus, the Federation of Armwrestling Poland begins activities aimed at supporting new organizations that are transparent and are giving freedom to players and referees to choose sport events that are preferred by them to participate in. “