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2013 Melbourne Armwrestling Cup

Published on 19 Sep 2013

Arm wrestling in a pub, despite the ambition of everyone involved in competitive arm wrestling in Australia to draw it away from the beer and vomit soaked floors and unbalanced wooden tables, seems to go hand and hand. The night of the Melbourne Armwrestling Cup (held at the Imperial Hotel, Melbourne) saw arm wrestling elevated to nothing short of high art (in terms of sports). It could well have changed the long held conception of this sport in the bleary, alcohol hazed eyes of those who stumbled upon the action upstairs.

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Source: Australian Armwrestling Federation

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2013 Melbourne Armwresling Cup

07 September 2013, Melbourne, Australia

Senior men results
1 Jesse Johnson1 Ryan Bowen
2 Alfred Cauker2 Simraneet Singh
3 Rory Magnabosco3 John Bowley
4 John Bowley4 Rory Magnabosco
5 Ryan Bowen5 Jesse Johnson
6 Duan Beckett6 Balraj Mann
7 Sunny Louish
8 Alfred Cauker
1 Phil Rasmussen1 Phil Rasmussen
2 Rohan Dodds2 Rohan Dodds
3 Damien Mullen3 Andrew Manfre
4 Andrew Lea4 Damien Mullen
5 Wayne Bowen5 Aaron Farrell
6 Ryan Bowen
7 Wayne Bowen
8 Ashraf Atla
1 Brett Coutts1 Doug Fatafehi
2 Doug Fatafehi2 Brett Coutts
3 Peter Cutting3 Peter Cutting
4 John Talo4 John Talo
5 Brendan Downes5 Paul Wild
6 Baris Sendag6 Baris Sendag
7 Paul Wild7 Brendan Downes

This results table is from All the names have links to armwrestlers profiles.

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