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See ► INFO: PULLDOZERS CHALLENGE 3 │20 July 2013, Kalajoki, Finland

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Jonathan Karlsson (SWE) vs. Mikko Yliverronen (FIN) 85kg R, winner Karlsson 5-0

Toni Anttila (SWE) vs. Juho Vartiainen (FIN) 70kg R, winner Vartiainen 5-0

Elias Forsman (SWE) vs. Dmitrij Jakovlev (FIN/RUS) 70kg R, winner Forsman 4-1

Victoria Karlsson (SWE) vs. Kati Pasanen (FIN ja Raution Kisailijat) 60kg L, winner Karlsson 3-2

Johan Grubbström (SWE) vs. Tero Hyvönen (FIN) 85kg R, winner Grubbström 5-0

Sebastian Sjödin (SWE) vs. Ville Heinonen (FIN) 85kg L, winner Heinonen 4-1

Sara Nyberg (SWE) vs. Erika Ketola (FIN) 60kg L, winner Nyberg 5-0

Linus Rönnholm (SWE) vs. Jukka Jyränen (FIN) +100kg L, winner Rönnholm 3-2

Jan-Erik Sunde (NOR) vs. Dmitrij Jakovlev (FIN/RUS) 70kg, L, winner Jakovlev 4-1

Kristian Wiklund (SWE) vs. Mikko Kaunisto (FIN) 70kg, R, winner Kaunisto 5-0

Johanna Andersson (SWE) vs. Piritta Hannukari (FIN) 70kg R, winner Hannukari 5-0

Andreas Olofsson (SWE) vs. Matti Kormano (FIN) 70kg R, winner Olofsson 5-0

Tobias Erlandsson (SWE) vs. Jukka-Pekka Lukkarila (FIN) 100kg R, winner Lukkarila 5-0

J-P Mäntymaa (FIN) vs. Joni Kormano (FIN) 85kg R, winner Mäntymaa 4-1

Tero Saarinen (FIN) vs. Tero Hyvönen (FIN) 85kg L, winner Saarinen 4-1

Alexander Rådbring (SWE) vs. Niklas Lehtola (FIN) 70kg L, winner Rädbring 5-0

Marine Karlsson (SWE) vs. Miia Korpela (FIN) 60kg L, winner Karlsson 5-0

Kenny Grenne (NOR) vs. Marko Luoto (FIN) 100kg R, winner Grenne 5-0

Jonna Blind (SWE) vs. Erika Ketola (FIN) 60kg R, winner Blind 4-1

Andreas Karlsson (SWE) vs. Topi Juvonen (FIN) 100kg L, winner Juvonen 3-2

Sara Nyberg (SWE) vs. Kati Pasanen (FIN ja Raution Kisailijat) 60kg R, winner Nyberg 5-0

Kim Näsström (SWE) vs. Juha Salminen (FIN) 100kg R, winner Näsström 5-0

Big thanks to everyone who joined the evening and made this great event possible!!! I had great time and I hope that you had too.


S.A.TV Productions – Pulldozer Challenge 3 (Sweden vs Finland) feat. Norway

Published on 22 Jul 2013

S.A.TV Productions – Pulldozer Challenge 3 (Sweden vs Finland) feat. Norway.

This was a real fun event, indeed!

Count us in next year for sure!! 😀


// S.A.TV
(Sweden Armwrestling Television)

Source: Storumanarmsport

Sara Nyberg

Published on 21 Jul 2013

Arm Wrestling world champion Sara Nyberg interview 20.7.2013.

Source: DyyniDanceBar

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