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Rustam Babayev interview 2013 │by

Rustam Babayev
Rustam Babayev – 34th World Armwrestling Championships 2012
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” Visiting Rustam Babaev

Today the “Iron World” invites you to visit one of the most famous armsportsmenov world, we can safely say to yourself titled armsportsmenu by 20-time world champion and 20-time champion of Europe armsportu from Ukraine – Rustam Babaev. Rustam lives with his family near the center of Kharkov, in Pavlov’s Fields, where we went to visit.

Iron World: Rustam, the name of your sons and wife ? How old are the children ?

Rustam Babayev beloved wife named Elina, eldest son of Yuri thirteen years younger Tamir – two and a half years.

JM: What motivates children ? Will deal armsportu ?

RB: Tamir is small, while in kindergarten, already a month goes to the dance, but with three years of want it for the gym to determine, I think, is the best form of exercise for children of his age, the most versatile exercises can develop the child’s body . Eldest son George is now engaged in mixed martial arts and, as far as I know him, he really likes. About armsportu say one thing: do they want to do, I will do everything to facilitate it, do not want to – I will not make. Armsportu desire to have, and in general any activity, they must come from within, only then will it be good. Now support their love for physical activity, and necessarily allocated a place in the apartment of a sports area.

JM: The wife support you in your endeavors, activities armsportu ?

RB: Yes, supports! I love her so much! For the fact that she is always there with me, shoulder to shoulder meets all the difficulties and joys of life, for the fact that I gave birth to wonderful children and tries to help me around. It is also a good friend who will always support and understand me in any situation. And of course, it is my mother with a capital letter.

JM: Where is the work ? Where to train ? Who drills of rukobortsev ?

RB: I work in a sports club PANTERRA instructor and personal trainer. I train in the gym itself Kharkov Polytechnic Institute with his coach – Petrenko Vladimir Alexeyevich. In armsportu coach one guy, but not for long, only six months. On it is too early to say, it takes time.

JM: For you now armsport hobby or job ?

RB: Probably work, hobby difficult to call. Prior to the first and second winning World and European armsport still be called a hobby, but now it is work, interesting job.

JM: What are your plans for the future as armsportsmena as a 20-time world champion ? As head of the family ?

RB: In the future – not to lose, to be in the forefront, with maximum preservation of health, because sport – a sport. It is necessary to raise sons, build a house and plant a tree!

JM: Rustam, coming to your house, we expected to see a wall, hung with medals, but found only a modest two books lying on the medals with Nemiroff.Where are the rest of the treasure ?

RB: In the closet. Waiting in the wings, now they all hang out is unrealistic, there has accumulated have probably 30 pounds of precious metals. Build a house here, and then will issue necessarily sports corner, I will boast.

JM: Do you miss your family by Snezhana ?

RB: Yes, Snezana for several years as she moved to Slovakia. Certainly, miss, but we understand that it is better there. Moreover, almost always have the opportunity to meet. The main thing – really want.And today she is our guest, come to visit my mother and went to see us.

JM: What was for the fans, which favorite exercise Rustam Babaev ?

RB: Your favorite exercise – lifting weights is sitting on the biceps.

JM: What are the big tournaments this year, we will be able to see you ?

RB: Yes, almost all. Going to participate in both the European Championships and the World Amateur and professional tournaments on A1 Russian Open and Nemiroff World Cup.

JM: Now, the question of the social networks, in Russia popular chocolate “Babaev,” you have to do with it ?

RB: I have the relationship only as a sweet tooth – just as many others, like sweet. But the firm that produces the chocolate, unfortunately not, but I’m always ready to cooperate!

“Iron World” sincerely wishes that the present performance of the athlete that he is up to, as long as possible to stay on the sports Olympia and a small chocolate plant. Users also need to get out of the closet, and then all the fans fight Rustam Babaev can be proud of them!

Author: Andrei Sharkov ”

Original – │ Google Translate
Snezhana Babayeva, Rustam Babayev and his family
Snezhana Babayeva, Rustam Babayev and his family │ Source:
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