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Артем Клименко: тренировка с резиновыми петлями R4P (АРМСПОРТ)

Published on 20 May 2013

Артем Клименко – 8-микратный чемпион Мира по армрестлингу, Вице-президент Федерации “Уралстронг – Силачи Руси”.

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Artem Klimenko – 8 times world champion in arm wrestling, Vice-President of the Federation “Uralstrong – Strongmen Russia.”

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In 2004, when he was just 18 years old, Artem Klimenko accomplished something amazing: he became 4 times European Champion (Juniors + Seniors, both hands), and 4 times World Champion (Juniors + Seniors, both hands):

XIV European Armwrestling Championships 2004 │ 21.06.2004 Gdynia, Poland

Junior Man Left +78 KgJunior Man Right +78 Kg
1. Artem Klimenko, RUS 0 Pts1. Artem Klimenko, RUS 0 Pts
2. Evgeniy Pavlenko, UKR 0 Pts2. Evgeniy Pavlenko, UKR 0 Pts
3. Shamil Ramazanov, RUS 0 Pts3. Nikolay Kushlev, BUL 0 Pts
4. Nikolay Kushlev, BUL 0 Pts4. Shamil Ramazanov, RUS 0 Pts
5. Tommy Sonderland, NOR 0 Pts5. Tommy Sonderland, NOR 0 Pts
6. Przemek Grzenkowicz, POL 0 Pts6. Christian Stenlund, SWE 0 Pts
7. Christian Stenlund, SWE 0 Pts7. £ukasz Wenta, POL 0 Pts
8. Dariusz Muszczak, POL 0 Pts8. Kanstantsin Smirnou, BLR 0 Pts
9. Konstantsin Smirnou, BLR 0 Pts9. Dariusz Muszczak, POL 0 Pts
10. Ivan Kirchuk, BLT 0 Pts10. Ivan Kirchuk, BLT 0 Pts
Mens Senior Left Hand 90 KgMens Senior Right Hand 90 Kg
1. KLIMENKO, Artem RUS 10 Pts1. KLIMENKO, Artem RUS 10 Pts
2. IVAKIN, Taras UKR 7 Pts2. IVAKIN, Taras UKR 7 Pts
3. ZAJVALD, Boris SVK 5 Pts3. KHUGAEV, Aslan RUS 5 Pts
4. IVANOV, Sergiy UKR 4 Pts4. ZAJVALD, Boris SVK 4 Pts
5. PICKUP, Neil GBR 3 Pts5. RUDAKOV, Mykhaylo UKR 3 Pts
6. KHUGAEV, Aslan RUS 2 Pts6. ANTONOVICHS, Raimonds LAT 2 Pts
7. ANTONOVICHS, Raimonds LAT 0 Pts7. PICKUP, Neil GBR 0 Pts
8. OLCAY, Tunc TUR 0 Pts8. KUSHAYOLOV, Roman KAZ 0 Pts
9. PREJSEK, Martin CZE 0 Pts9. CHELALO, Andrei BLR 0 Pts
10. KALEJS, Maris LAT 0 Pts10. CHUDY, Juraj SVK 0 Pts
11. SHMYKO, Dzmitry BLR 0 Pts11. OLCAY, Tunc TUR 0 Pts
12. CHELALO, Andrei BLR 0 Pts12. SHMYKO, Dzmitry BLR 0 Pts
13. ZAWADA, Marcin POL 0 Pts13. FORMELA, Marcin POL 0 Pts
14. MORAVEC, Petr CZE 0 Pts14. BIRKELAND, Oyvind NOR 0 Pts
15. GROCHOWSKI, Mariusz POL 0 Pts15. PREJSEK, Martin CZE 0 Pts
16. CHUDY, Juraj SVK 0 Pts16. MORAVEC, Petr CZE 0 Pts
17. PALISKIS, Romutis LIT 0 Pts17. KRUSZYNSKI, Krystian POL 0 Pts
18. NAGY, Denes HUN 0 Pts18. NAGY, Denes HUN 0 Pts
19. KUSHAYOLOV, Roman KAZ 0 Pts19. PALISKIS, Romutis LIT 0 Pts
20. WARKENTIN, Alexander GER 0 Pts
21. KALEJS, Maris LAT 0 Pts
22. ITIN, Kurt SUI 0 Pts
23. THUEN, Arne NOR 0 Pts
24. BUHLER, Ueli SUI 0 Pts

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 XXVI WAF World Armwrestling Championships 2004 │ Durban, South Africa

Mens Left 90 KG Mens Right 90 KG
1RUS2814Artem Klimenko1RUS2814Artem Klimenko
2SVK3506Boris Zajvald2FIN1509Janne Antila
3NOR1403Oyvind Birkeland3UKR2203Ihor Moiseyev
4FIN1509Janne Antila4SVK3506Boris Zajvald
5JPN1909Tomokazu Hatakeyama5CAN1806Charlie McGeoghegan
6NOR1401Are Stronen6JPN1910Koji Onsho
7USA3909Bryan Johnson7RSA3814Pierre du Bruyn
8SVK3505Tomas Kiss8SVK3505Tomas Kiss
9USA3908Jesse Weichert9CAN1808Craig Mitchell
10HUN3402Lakatos Janos10USA3909Bryan Johnson
11JPN1910Koji Onsho11HUN3402Lakatos Janos
12CAN1806Charlie McGeoghegan12SUI3601Ulrich Buhler
13SUI3601Ulrich Buhler13RUS2839Vladimir Makarishchev
14CAN1808Craig Mitchell14JPN1909Tomokazu Hatakeyama
15NOR1402Arne Thuen
16USA3908Jesse Weichert
17NOR1403Oyvind Birkeland
18RSA3815pictor nickeik

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Next year, after the  2005 World Championships in Japan, Artem Klimenko was tested positive for doping and he was suspended until December 31, 2006: Doping results from Japan 2005.

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Source: Michael Lindström

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