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VIDEO: Coverage of the tournament “Kozatsky force 2012” – 22 December 2012 │A detailed report by

репортаж о турнире “Козацкая сила 2012” (coverage of the tournament “Kozatsky force 2012″)
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” 24/12/2012

   December 22, 2012 in Kiev, Dance & Karaoke Club «Manilow”, was already traditional tournament armsportu “Kozatsky force.” From year to year the best organization attracts top athletes from all over Ukraine. Again, despite the snow and freezing temperatures, about 80 athletes competed in the day for the medals and cash prizes. The tournament was held in the fight for the right hand in six weight divisions, namely absolyutka women and 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 90 kg and absolyutka men. It was nice that the tournament came armsportu stars such as Andrey Pushkar, Viktor Ilyushin, Sergey Tokarev, Taras Ivakin. This increased the prestige of action and gives hope that the audience will see a real struggle professionals. 
  A small number of participants – 6 athletes in the open category for women – does not facilitate the task of winning medals. Number of offset quality. Although a clear favorite of all was the same – it is a multiple world champion, Merited Master of Sports Viktor Ilyushin from Kharkov. But, as it turned out, her victory in the tournament was given easy, as its main rival, the sportswoman of Vinnitsa Dyachenko Oksana still managed to stop the attack Victoria. Their fights seemed not like a woman prolonged and persistent, like, and fight for the semi-finals between athletes Rozhischenko Irina from Kiev and Ternovskaya Marina from Odessa. In professional and spectacular game won by Irina.Women in the day, of course, pleased with the level of their training and the mood to fight, to watch their fights were interesting. In total, were distributed as follows: 
1 – Viktor Ilyushin  
2 – Dyachenko Oksana 
3 – Irina Rozhischenko 
 In the largest category – 70 kg for men – serving 23 athlete. Were able to reach to the top of the following athletes: 
1 – Michael Novak 
2 – Vladimir Gnatenko 
3 – Arthur Musayelyan 
  as calm was not in the category of 80 kg in men, each of the 18 athletes trying to show everyone what he can do. Places won: 
1 – Sergei Pankovets 
2 – Cherpita Bogdan 
3 – Zheltonozhko Oleksandr 
  the category of 90 kg in the day was declared 11 people, but it was different participation in it several top athletes, on “Cossack force” arrived: multiple world champion armsportu, honored Master of Sports of Kharkov Taras Ivakin, silver medalist of the World Cup this year, among the professionals in the 86 kg category Mher Musayelyan from Nikolayev, Odessa hope federation armsport, winner of several tournaments last Ukrainian Margarint Peter. The intrigue is that no one knew in what form came Taras Ivakin and between Mher Musaelyan and Peter Magrarintom armfayt recently passed, which won a surprise victory Peter. Who was this “Bermuda Triangle” will be the winner?Especially since you can not shoot off the other athletes, because everyone came to win. From this confrontation came undefeated Mher Musayelyan he convincingly defeated Peter and Taras. Maybe this was affected by that Mher first performed with weight 87 kg. And the story that happened to him at Nemiroff, where he did not drive away the only 200 grams, was not included in the planned 78 kg category and fought to a category above – 86 kg, and spoke well, but was exhausted race weight, led him to believe in themselves and act in a more heavy weight category. 
1 – Mher Musayelyan 
2 – Taras Ivakin 
3 – Peter Margarint 
  + 90 kg decorated two Ukrainian super giant, two distinguished master of sports, one of the best world armsportsmenov Andrey Pushkar and Sergey Tokarev. And I think no one in doubt that all of the other 13 participants in this category will compete for the bronze medal. It happened. Andrei gold, silver, Sergei, well, and in the fight for the bronze unbeaten winner kievlyanin Dmitry Bondarenko. 
1 – Andrey Pushkar 
2 – Sergey Tokarev 
3 – Dmitry Bondarenko 
 armsportivnogo most interesting event of the festival was the absolute category. 12 best of the best athletes championship meet, no matter the status or the weight categories. As in the heavyweight division, the first two places were for the multiple world champion and European champion Andrey Pushkar world Sergey Tokarev. But the fight for the bronze turned serious. Here in severe and persistent bouts, especially in the fight for the semi-finals, a victory could win a world-class athlete, world vice-champion in 2001 Andrei Sharkov from Simferopol, who after many years returned to the big armsport, and as we can see, quite successfully. 
1 – Andrey Pushkar 
2 – Sergey Tokarev 
3 – Andrei Sharkov 
  organizers awarded cash prizes, to the delight of the participants, the top five. 
 At the end, all pleased and surprised Andrey Pushkar, which in the eyes of the astonished audience could twist the two nails in a knot Sotk . 
  I would like to express my gratitude to people who have held the tournament “Kozatsky force”, as he was again on the level: the president of the federation armsportu Dzisyak Vlad, vice-president of the federation armsportu Kirilyuk Dmitry, secretary of the federation armsportu Rzheschenko Irina for working in their New Year’s holiday armsportivny .     Photos from the event HERE .
Author: Andrei Sharkov 
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Andrey Sharkoff - Kozatsky Force 2012
Andrey Sharkoff – Kozatsky Force 2012
Andrey Pushkar vs. Sergiy Tokarev - Kozatsky Force 2012
Andrey Pushkar vs. Sergiy Tokarev – Kozatsky Force 2012
Andrey Pushkar - Nail bending - Kozatsky Force 2012
Andrey Pushkar – Nail bending – Kozatsky Force 2012

More photos from the event:


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