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VIDEO: Denis Cyplenkov before the fight with Devon Larratt 2017, English Subtitles

Denis Cyplenkov before the fight with Devon Larratt │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video
Denis Cyplenkov before the fight with Devon Larratt │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video

Many thanks to Vasiliy Kuznetsov for making great armwrestling videos and for sending this one to XSportNews. This new video (18 August 2017) about Denis Cyplenkov is also special because Vasiliy made English subtitles, which should load automatically. I posted the transcript from youtube first, scroll down to watch the video.

0:00 Everyone knows that Denis Сyplenkov is extremely strong!
0:03 He is rather Hulk than a human…
0:10 But… All his victories are in the past,
0:14 and today Devon Larratt with pure weight of 100 kg claims
0:18 he can beat Denis in the arm fight
0:23 Cuz I’m pretty sure… I’m pretty sure it’s me.
0:26 “Denis has lost weight and he can hardly compete with this Canadian guy” –
0:30 our subscribers agreed to Larratt in social media.
0:34 Is everything that bad?
0:36 And Сyplenkov is not as strong as he used to be?
0:40 We went to Noginsk to find it out.
0:45 Seems like I’m just in time
0:47 What did the champion reply on our questions?
0:51 Let’s watch in this episode of the ‘In Focus of the Iron Rating’ now.
1:00 The advertisement
1:24 We have a tradition,
1:27 my friends bring kettlebells to my gym.
1:30 We prefer rusty and old ones.
1:35 This kettlebell was brought by Konstantin Konstantinov.
1:38 He made this signature.
1:40 There are stamps with letters in our gym –
1:42 our guests come and fill the inscriptions by themselves with kettlebells.
1:44 This kettlebell was presented by Alexey Lovchev,
1:48 but we had to pay almost 6 rub (0.099 $) for it.
1:53 And this one is from Mikhail Koklyaev.
1:57 We are in the gym “100 poods”,
1:59 where Denis Cyplenkov trains.
2:01 We have many questions to Denis,
2:04 but let’s start with the most important –
2:05 how will he reply to the Larratt’s challenge.
2:08 Larratt said that we have been waiting so long for this match
2:10 and he is right.
2:12 I’ve never fought Larratt,
2:14 so I’m looking forward to this fight.
2:17 Denis, you speak about it in a very good-hearted way.
2:20 Sounds lame.
2:21 We know that you can be tougher.
2:24 You ask me:
2:25 do I prepare for the armfight against Devon Larratt?
2:28 Yes, I do.
2:30 The only thing I don’t understand is
2:32 why do you think that you will win, Larratt?
2:41 Now you are talking!
2:43 Larratt will not be so self-confident now.
2:45 Although, Denis, you really look thinner than used to be.
2:48 So, what happened to you, Denis?
2:50 To be honest, in May, I had a tournament on Powertlon (power triathlon)
2:55 and then I suddenly got to the hospital.
3:00 Now I have a three-month rehabilitation.
3:02 In August, I will take tests
3:04 and consult a doctor about my condition.
3:07 These are not good news…
3:10 Let us remind you that in May Denis&Co took the 2nd place
3:13 on the Powertlon tournament
3:16 and lost only to the team of Alexey Lovchev.
3:19 But finally that tournament turned out badly to Denis.
3:22 Yeah, I had some exercises on the lower part of the body,
3:26 I did deadlift with huge weight.
3:29 That also had an influence on my current state.
3:33 Yet I still do my workouts
3:37 and control my body weight within 130-133kg.
3:45 I can’t exceed this weight due to some pills.
3:50 Those pills remove water from my body.
3:55 I hope I’m going to be ok.
4:00 Denis, it’s gonna be alright, trust us!
4:03 And if you have already started your training
4:05 we can’t help but testing you!
4:09 But how to test your strength?
4:14 And we have remembered about Dmitry Golovinskiy
4:16 and his posts about the proper way to do biceps.
4:19 According to his last video he easily managed
4:23 to do 10 reps with 60kg.
4:24 Well, Denis is ready to make the most reps of 70kg…
4:30 We are recording our answer to
4:32 Dmitry Golovinskiy to make him train even harder.
4:36 And try to beat Denis’s record.
4:40 By the way, set of max reps was
4:43 that very thing that helped Denis to beat the Record of CT Fletcher…
4:46 Yes, It was like growing strength by increasing
4:48 the number of reps.
4:51 But we’ll tell you about the number of reps and preparations
4:57 to that record at the end of this episode.
5:06 Is it that handle that helped you to win John Brzenk?
5:09 Yeah, I always use it in my trainings.
5:15 All of my handles are in the different gym,
5:19 here we have only this one.
5:23 But it’s ok.
5:29 You can do many different moves with this handle.
5:34 I have better handle in my other gym,
5:37 this one is almost broken.
5:38 Seems like here are too many armwrestlers.
5:51 If we mention Jonh
5:53 we also have to mention the armfight between Jonh and Denis,
5:56 that was held in Vegas in 2009.
5:59 That time Denis lost with the score 5-1
6:03 and he understood that the result would be bad
6:07 in the very first round.
6:08 I understood I was going to lose in the very first round.
6:11 You see, armfight is a system,
6:13 where the final result can be predicted by the result of the first round.
6:17 Especially when you see that your opponent has better endurance.
6:25 When you realize that you are already exhausted
6:29 while your opponent is still fresh.
6:33 But that was one of my first armfights,
6:36 I wasn’t experienced enough.
6:40 Even preparations for armfight are different.
6:48 For the real Champions, defeat is the best motivation to work harder.
6:53 Interesting which fights had an influence on Denis’s trainings and style?
6:58 When I first met Richard Lupkes I was so impressed with his hook.
7:06 When we got into the hook I thought I got him,
7:10 because everyone said I had one of the strongest hook.
7:16 But reality was different.
7:18 When we pulled it was on his side and I thought like “It’s a trap”.
7:33 At that moment I found out that I should better start
7:38 with the wrist set on the toproll move,
7:40 in order to avoid troubles with such strong athletes like Richard.
7:46 And I think I have never seen stronger hook…
7:49 Well maybe Dave Chaffee has equal one.
7:52 Yeah, we all remember your last fight with Chaffee.
7:55 You made us feel really nervous.
8:04 Denis, can you please make top 3 most uncomfortable opponents for you?
8:10 Hm, I think Michael Todd is the most uncomfortable opponent,
8:14 second is Andrey Pushkar.
8:17 But Pushkar is easier to fight with,
8:19 the only thing you have to do is to stop his start.
8:22 And the third one,
8:26 I guess, is Richard Lupkes with his attack,
8:31 he is even more difficult than Chaffee.
8:32 They have very similar styles,
8:34 but Chaffee is not so confident like Lupkes.
8:39 When you fight with Lupkes with a hook
8:41 He pushes like Hulk.
8:45 He has much better control on his angles.
8:49 I had to win every inch.
8:52 What place can take Devon Larratt in our list,
8:56 if he is successful enough to take any place at all?
9:23 The hand in this exercise can be slightly twisted.
9:44 When did you pull last time?
9:47 Like over the top, when you felt exhausted.
9:50 Hm … I have not sparred with anyone for a long time.
9:54 A long time ago
9:59 How long? 3 month, 6 month?
10:01 More, I guess one year.
10:05 Last time Denis pulled in July 2016.
10:11 That time he won Michael Monster Todd
10:14 with the score 4-2 on the Vendetta All Stars show.
10:19 I always said,
10:20 even before our armfight,
10:22 that he was the most dangerous opponent
10:24 with his strange move.
10:27 He pulls you like a rope,
10:31 he does it with his body weight.
10:33 And I think that is very painful move but he doesn’t care.
10:37 Maybe he has had so many injuries
10:41 so he doesn’t feel pain now.
10:43 He managed to hold my strongest attacks,
10:46 maybe he takes painkillers, I don’t know.
10:59 Only few people knew that this year, in January,
11:02 a friendly armfight between Denis and Dmitry Trubin could have happened.
11:06 But it hadn’t.
11:08 At first there was no table in the place,
11:10 then there wasn’t Dmitry Trubin,
11:12 finally Denis was exhausted.
11:14 We had a total mess.
11:18 First we didn’t have a table.
11:22 Then, when table appeared we started to pull.
11:26 When Dima came we decided to refuse to pull
11:29 and arranged meeting on the next day.
11:31 Simply to have a cup of coffee.
11:32 There was no sense to pull.
11:36 Yet still we are glad that armfight wasn’t held.
11:41 Today Dmitry Trubin is more impressive.
11:46 But Denis has warned us
11:48 us that everybody have to be careful with their bodyweight in armwrestling.
11:53 I came on the Nemiroff 2010 with the pure weight 144kg.
11:57 And that was my mistake, I got tired in a second.
12:01 After that I came on all the competitions with the weight up to 140.
12:08 Everyone said I was in a bad shape.
12:11 I can gain even more that 140kg,
12:17 but then, after one week of rest,
12:20 only with some cardio and rubber,
12:29 I lose some weight and feel good in the contest.
12:33 As for me, these rules are perfect.
12:38 So, we have known what conclusions had Denis made of his defeats.
12:43 We also found out why he has lost weight
12:45 and finally what he thinks about armfight with Larratt.
12:49 Well, if I’m ready we can make this decision in the middle of August.
12:55 But first we have to talk with Igor Mazurenko.
13:02 But these are not all of the questions we have to ask.
13:05 We still want to know why our character never unbends his arms,
13:10 why he does bench press no more…
13:12 And the main question –
13:14 how many reps can he do with 70kg?
13:18 For Denis this may be a warm up,
13:20 but for us, more mortals, this is a dream-weight.
13:28 Lets ask our character whether he is agree with Evgeni Shishov,
13:33 who claimed in the 105 episode of Iron Rating
13:36 that armwrestling was about power, or not.
13:39 I think if you are a professional athlete
13:41 you can prepare for a competitions with just one exercise.
13:44 I’m not talking about those athletes who don’t even know how to pull.
13:48 If you are good in your angles you can train without opponent.
13:56 But if pure strength is so important let’s find out how much of it Denis has.
14:46 13… I’m done.
14:49 When I did 113kg, I did 100kg on 8 reps.
14:52 I had one power training,
14:54 and on another one I tried to do this weight (100kg) up to 10 reps.
14:59 I wanted to increase power by increasing number of reps.
15:05 Watching your biceps curls we can’t help asking:
15:10 Denis, was there a time when you could unbend your arms?
15:17 Honestly, as far as I remember what my dumbbell coach said…
15:29 I could never unbend them.
15:32 I remember when I was at the competitions in dumbbell
15:35 and the coach said “unbend”,
15:38 but I did not succeed
15:40 and attempts were not counted for me.
15:42 This situation was even at middle school.
15:48 Even in 2005, in Kursk, on the bench press competitions
15:52 I could unbend them more.
15:55 But then, arms unbend better than now.
15:58 Indeed, Denis’s way to do bench press is very specific.
16:03 Yet still his results are very impressive.
16:06 For example, on his bench press competition against Alexey Lovchev
16:10 Denis managed to do 140kg on 16 reps.
16:14 But even Denis agrees that wasn’t a proper press.
16:18 I’m laughing on the videos where I do bench press.
16:23 That’s why I don’t take part on a bench press tournaments.
16:27 I’m confused with my technique.
16:28 Try to unbend your arms.
16:35 But we have gone from the main subject of our discussion –
16:39 armfight between Denis and Devon.
16:42 And here is the main question:
16:45 Denis, how do you think this armfight will pass?
16:49 I will try to attack like a hell while he will try to hold me like a boa.
16:56 I think he is going to exhaust me
17:01 and beat like he did with Pushkar.
17:05 I suppose our match is going to go approximately same way,
17:10 so I’m going to prepare for this.
17:16 If Denis can properly estimate his opponent
17:22 he will be able to prepare for this armfight.
17:26 We hope this armfight is going to happen this year.
17:30 After this conversation with Denis I realized that we,
17:36 I mean all of armwrestling fans,
17:38 had a nice chance to see armfight between Denis and Devon this November.
17:47 I’m really looking forward for that, I’m training hard.
17:51 I already have a training schedule.
17:56 Have you already choose a place at your countryhouse,
17:59 where you will put a cup with the signature “I beat Larratt”?
18:04 Cup? It’s going to be a monument.
18:08 So, we have finished, bye.
18:10 If you enjoyed this video, and we know you did,
18:14 please like it and share with your buddies in your gym.
18:20 Stay tuned.

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