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VIDEO: Oleg Sakovich’s attempt to break Denis Cyplenkov’s strict curl record

In 2015 Denis Cyplenkov set a New World Record of Strict Biceps Curl, See ► VIDEOS: Denis Cyplenkov 113 kg Strict Curl, NEW WORLD RECORD at WORLD RAW POWERLIFTING 2015

Now Oleg Sakovich tries to brake Cyplenkov’s record, but Oleg is much smaller, his bodyweight is only 82kg… As you may figure it out, we are talking about Glossbrenner Coefficient and Wilks Coefficient… 🙂

If you pay much attention to the video, you will also notice Vitaly Laletin on stage at 1:49 and passing by at 14:10… The video is very well made and it has English subtitles, scroll down to watch it. 

Press release from Vasiliy Kuznetsov sent to the facebook page: 

” 132 kilos for 6 reps, this is how much can curl with his biceps Kirill Sarychev, who holds an all-time bench press record of 335 kg. And the two-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Alexey Voevoda used to curl from the table 100 kg dumbbell with one hand. The American YouTube star, Kali Muscle, can curl enormous 142 kg for 12 repetitions. What can we say, everybody love biceps curls. But these very curls are so different, that one may ask a question: who is the strongest guy here?
Let’s make it clear!
Add to this a lot of YouTube videos where famous and not-so-famous athletes curl monstrous weights using their own very specific technique and claim their achievements to be world records. Shortly speaking – a total disorder!
This is the very disorder we’d like to deal with. Maybe we won’t work it out, but we’ll try. It is for this purpose that we started to shoot our project “The strongest biceps: fake or true”. In each episode, we will deal with any of the famous records trying to understand whether it is as difficult as they try to convince us. But the main purpose of the project is different – to tell about unique athletes who actually work wonders, but every so often unknown to anyone.
So how to make it real?
In the first episode we proved that the record of the American bodybuilder Brad Castleberry of 180 kilos for 5 reps, which many consider to be a fake, can be repeated even with the real weight if one will use curious technique of the American. And it is Nizami Tagiev, a humble powerlifter from Moscow who did it.
In the second episode we visited Siberian Power Show sports festival, where the famous Russian athlete Oleg Sakovich performed at the classical biceps curl tournament. But he got such a warm welcome from Siberian guys that he almost dropped out from the tournament, and… And thanks to the highly competitive atmosphere Oleg was able to beat his previous record for 13 kg and work a little miracle! Which one? You’d better watch the episode.

2nd episode
The deeper we get into this, the more involved it becomes. This is just a beginning, for we have at least 3 new episodes ahead. And who knows if anybody of American lovers of cheating would like to show their real strength and perform a classical curl against the wall? The same Brad Castleberry for example? Time will tell.
This is not our first international project. In 2016 we released two episodes of “American Arm wrestling”. In 2013 “Lesukov vs Cutler” became very popular. And every time we shot something brand new, something nobody shot before at those days. Same thing today.”

Этот малыш МОНСТР! “The Strongest Biceps: fake or true” WITH ENG SUBS

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