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VIDEO: Real Armwrestling – Episode 1

“Documentary series featuring the sport of Armwrestling, it’s stars, history, rules and more”

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The Professional Armwrestling League has signed a cooperation agreement with «Sportrecs» – the global sports streaming platform.
Thanks to this agreement, more than 30 million subscribers from more than 50 countries of the world will be able to learn more about arm wrestling as a global sports discipline, get access to live broadcasts of arm wrestling events of various formats.
Igor Mazurenko: “Sportrecs is a powerful media platform that has all the most modern tools for the widest coverage of our audience. The partnership between PAL and Sportrecs opens up new opportunities for our sports discipline through direct access to the media, sponsors, and partnerships with global players in the modern sports media market. We can say with confidence that this is a breakthrough to a new level of development for professional and amateur armwrestling. ”
On the «PAL arena» on the Sportrecs platform, both programs covering the largest events of the professional league are already available, as well as exclusive educational programs, for example, the first of 12 episodes of the show “Real Armwrestling”, which tells about the history of professional armwrestling and about the stars of this sport. We invite all armwrestling fans to take advantage of the free registration on the Sportrecs platform, to get access to interesting content that can be shared with friends who want to learn more about our favorite sport.”