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VIDEO: The story of the legend Andrey Pushkar. Documentary

Denis Cyplenkov about Andrey Pushkar
Denis Cyplenkov about Andrey Pushkar

This documentary about Andrey Pushkar is a must see for all armwrestlers. It has many emotional moments, but in the same time it is very inspiring, it will make you want to become a better person. It will make you want to help others, like Andriy and his father helped many kids train for armwrestling.

Denis Cyplenkov about Andrey Pushkar (52:25 in the video):

“I have repeatedly said, that he is a good person and a super athlete who has been involved in this sport for a long time.
He deserved to be in the top, to be a leader, to be a champion.
It was always a pleasure to communicate and to fight with him.
That’s it, if we talk about the sports path, then he was a very important in my life, a very important motivator. Because when you are at the top, you suffer from the lack of equal rivals to fight.
Andriy was the man who always came to fight.
Every year we met and he did not let me give up.
He motivated me to workout, because I understood that Andriy would come and had to prepare, because I wouldn’t be able to win just like that. All the time this man motivated me to train. Motivation never died with him. There are people who always keep you on your toes and you go to the gym and think that he will come and you need to give him a fight. Everything is different today.”

The story of the LEGEND. Andriy Pushkar