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VIDEO: Ioan “The Bear” Puscasu CoC No. 4 gripper closing – missed by a small gap


Ioan “The Bear” Puscasu: In maximum 2 weeks I will close it, without any problems.



 Randall Strossen – :  Well, yes, it was Ioan Cristian Puscasu and unfortunately he missed the close by what his referee, Paul Pirjol, estimated to be 2 mm:

“Just got back from Ioan’s No. 4 gripper attempt and I’m sorry but I want to tell you that he missed it! He closed the gripper but still had 2millimeters until touch it, he was close but not enough! after that he did like 7 reps with the 3.5 CoC just for the tv.”

Good effort and we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Ioan Cristian Puscasu can consistently hit the full stroke.

Many thanks to Paul Pirjol for all his help as the referee for this attempt!

Ioan Cristian Puscasu: Close But No Cigar on the CoC No. 4 Gripper – by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2012 IronMind


Update 2:

Randall Strossen – :  I am pretty cross-eyed from reviewing a Rolling Thunder lift over and over again, so didn’t have the stamina to do the same thing here, but in the end, IronMind tells people, “This isn’t dancing, horseshoes or hand grenades—close doesn’t count . . . the handles have to touch.”

Frankly, the thing about bouncing back in two weeks max sounds nice, but let’s remember something: IronMind and the referee (Paul Pirjol) got jerked around on this attempt—playing patty cake and chasing down Ioan who was not replying to either our emails or emails/calls from the referee, but he had no problem making sure this was on TV.

Don’t get me wrong: I met Ioan a couple of years ago and he’s a super nice guy, but let’s have a little respect for the CoC certification process, please—understand that other people are shelling out their time and money to give you a chance to prove your strength so have the courtesy to read, understand and follow the procedures . . . which includes being ready to demolish the gripper on your official attempt.


Josh –

I don’t want to ruin our relationship, but I agree.

This is kind of close, but at the same time, only getting up to the tough spot but not past it.

I’d guess that there are maybe at least two guys in the world right now who might well be in roughly that range—maybe a little better and maybe a little worse.